Reproductive Conditions and Disease Grants

The AKC Canine Health Foundation supports basic science discovery and clinical research into the treatment of reproductive disorders through the Reproduction Research Program Area. This research program supports research into canine reproductive tract biology, physiology, endocrinology and neuroendocrinology as it relates to reproductive health and disease.

Active Grants:

 03165-A Canine Semen Microbiome
 03055 Evaluating Reproductive Diseases in vitro with a 3D Canine Endometrial Organoid Model
 03045-A Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for Diagnosis of Dog Sperm Morphology
 03051-A Antimicrobial Resistance in the Canine Vaginal Microbiome
 02811 Prospective View Into the Use of Antimicrobials in Canine Pyometra and Prognostic Risk Factors for Postoperative Infection and Hospitalization

Previously Awarded Grants:

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 02669-A Lipid Composition and Lipid Droplet Dynamics in Canine Pyometra Affected Endometria
 02409-A Targeting Bacterial Adhesion via Blocking the Scavenger Receptor Type B1 in Canine Pyometra
 02512-A Genome sequencing and antimicrobial susceptibilities of Escherichia coli isolated from clinical cases of canine pyometra
 02193-A Identifying the Genetic Basis of Fetal Anasarca in Bulldogs/Canines
 02264-A Role of E. Coli Biofilm in Canine Pyometra
 02267-A An Epidemiological Study of Brucella canis
 02175-A Development of a Brucellosis Vaccine for Dogs
 02192-A Advanced Semen Analysis in Labrador Retrievers
 02188-A Combined Anti-Mullerian Hormone and Progesterone Testing for the Diagnosis of Canine Ovarian Remnant Syndrome
 01840 Health Implications of Early Spay/Neuter on Canine Health
 02118-A Targeting the Mechanism of Bacterial Adherence during Pyometra to Develop an Effective, Non-Invasive Treatment for Disease
 02136-A Development of a Low Cost, Non-Invasive Test to Determine Whether Females Have Been Spayed
 02123-A Identifying the Gene Responsible For Inherited Infertility and Sterility in 28 Breeds
 02124-A Determining the Characteristics of Sperm That Accurately Predict Fertility of Stud Dogs
 01905-A Identification of Enhanced Methods for Semen Preservation
 01675-A A Validation Study of Whole Genome Association Analyses for Canine Cryptorchidism in Siberian Huskies
 1262 Sequencing and Functional Analysis of the Canine Y Chromosome
 01488-A Health Implications of Spay and Neuter: Golden Retriever and Labrador Retriever
 01241-A Detection of DNA damage in response to cooling storage in canine spermatozoa using single-cell gel electrophoresis (comet assay)
 01248 Whole Genome Association Analyses for Cryptorchidism in Dogs
 01239-A SNP Chip Analyses for Canine Cryptorchidism
 00779 Characterization of the Canine Y Chromosome: Identifying Genes that Cause Male Infertility
 01018-A Comparative Gene Discovery for Canine Cryptorchidism
 00882-A Genetics of Cryptorchidism in Dogs
 00730-A Effect of the Aromatase Inhibitor, Anastrazole, on Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia

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