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options for joint repair with regenerative medicine

Better Options for Joint Repair with Regenerative Medicine

Arthritis and other forms of joint degeneration aren’t only problems for humans. Dogs suffer from joint problems as well, with damage that is often progressive and difficult to repair. Read More

pain medications and canine immune function

Pain Medications and Canine Immune Function

CHF-funded researcher Dr. Amy DeClue, gives update on grant investigating whether common pain medications used in dogs could inadvertently suppress the immune system. Read Here


Preventing Transmission of Brucellosis

Listen to our podcast interview with Dr. Matthew Krecic, a Diagnostics Specialist for Zoetis on the topic of Brucellosis Listen Here


2014 Clinician Scientist Fellowships Awarded

To sustain future advancements in canine and human health, CHF makes it a priority to encourage and support the next generation of canine health researchers. Read More

Success Story

Finding New Ways to Study Lymphoma

Recently researchers set out to find an alternative to traditional cell culture techniques for studying diffuse large B-cell lymphomas. Instead of creating a DLBCL-like cell artificially, using viral infection, they wanted to find a way to grow and maintain the diverse collection of B-cells found in an actual canine cancer. Their success gives scientists a safe and efficient way to determine how well new therapeutic agents will work in individual patients with these cancers.


Research Needing Support

Yellow Labrador Retriever with Red BallMeningiomas are the most common primary brain tumor in dogs. There is an urgent need for novel therapies to prevent tumor recurrence and increase survival time after surgery. Researchers have developed immunotherapy protocols for dogs with gliomas, and recently assessed this strategy in a pilot study treating meningiomas with vaccines. A larger clinical trial treating 30 dogs with meningioma by surgery alone or surgery followed by vaccines is now underway.


Boy with Standard PoodleAdrenal gland tumors that lead to Cushing's syndrome are characterized by excessive cortisol secretion, causing these tumors to be aggressive and rapidly metastasize. Researchers are evaluating a new drug to suppress both tumor growth and cortisol production, thus enhancing the chances of successfully removing adrenocortical tumors and preventing metastasis. Due to the similarities with adrenal cancer in humans, the results of this study could also benefit humans.


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In our latest podcast Karen and Bob Deeds of the Canine Connection discuss their approach to positive training and behavior modification for dogs.


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