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Research Priorities

AKC Canine Health Foundation research grants are awarded for projects that seek to prevent, treat and cure canine diseases, and help dogs and their owners live longer, healthier lives.  Our funded research projects range from molecular research that may identify the genetic cause of disease or study the underlying mechanism of disease pathogenesis to clinical research that may test the efficacy of a drug. Annual research priorities are set based on breed club health polls and portfolio needs. Priorities can be found by reviewing the Research Program Area Request for Proposals.

One Health

One Health is an initiative to improve animal and human health globally through collaboration between veterinarians, physicians, osteopaths, dentists, nurses and other scientific-health professionals. CHF recognizes and supports proposals that improve the health of dogs while simultaneously advancing research for human medicine.

Academia-Industry Partnerships

The CHF recognizes that early academia-industry collaboration increases the potential for moving research from the laboratory bench to the veterinary clinic faster and more efficiently than if academia works alone. Therefore, the CHF supports academia-industry partnerships in grant applications.


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Your help is needed with canine health research.  DNA and tissue samples are needed from healthy dogs and dogs affected by certain diseases.

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