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Researching Health Risks for the Dogs of 9/11

CHF-funded researchers found that the long-term risk of adverse health effects in search and rescue dogs deployed following 9/11 was low.

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CH Carillion Serendipity Piece of My Heart

Meet Janis - our featured dog for the month of November in the 2020 Champion for Canine Health Calendar

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The Complex Genetics of Diabetes Mellitus in Australian Terriers

AKC Canine Health Foundation funded researchers study the complex genetics underlying diabetes mellitus in dogs.

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A Breeder’s Perspective on the Evolving Role of DNA in Producing Healthy Dogs

Serious dog breeders are always searching for new information, strategies, and tools they can use to produce healthier dogs. It is an endless and constantly evolving quest. Breeders want to produce dogs that are sound in mind and body.

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