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02690-A: Diagnostic Utility of Thoracoscopy for Localization of Pulmonary Bullae in Dogs with Spontaneous Pneumothorax North Carolina State University Valery Scharf, DVM, MS Open Lung and Respiratory Disease
02683: Treatment of Idiopathic Chronic Hepatitis and Copper Associated Hepatopathy in Dogs Colorado State University Sarah Shropshire, DVM, PhD Closed Hepatic Disease
02805-E: Review of the Current State of Canine Genetic Testing - A Living Resource University of California, Davis Anita Oberbauer, PhD Open General Canine Health
02742-A: Assessing Microvasculature for Intestinal Viability in Obstructed Small Intestines and Effects of Resection and Anastomosis Techniques University of Florida Penny Regier, MS, DVM Closed Gastrointestinal Disease
02623: Circulating Cortisol Concentrations in Canine Congestive Heart Failure Iowa State University Jessica Ward, DVM Open Cardiology
02107: Landmark Clinical Trial to Establish the Evidence-Based Use of Regenerative Medicine to Treat Tendon Injury in Dogs Virginia-Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine Jennifer G. Barrett, DVM, PhD Closed Musculoskeletal Conditions and Disease
02788-MOU: Approach to Identification of a Genetic Risk Allele(s) Associated with the Development of Tracheal Collapse in the Pomeranian North Carolina State University Kathryn Meurs, DVM, PhD Closed Lung and Respiratory Disease
02680-A: Assessment of Circulating Inflammatory Mediators in Dogs with Tracheal Collapse Auburn University Tekla Lee-Fowler, MS, DVM Closed Lung and Respiratory Disease
02669-A: Lipid Composition and Lipid Droplet Dynamics in Canine Pyometra Affected Endometria University of Veterinary Medicine of Vienna Ingrid Walter, PhD Closed Reproductive Conditions
02673-MOU: Searching for the Cause for Alopecia X by Whole Genome Sequencing University of Missouri, Columbia Gary S. Johnson, DVM, PhD Closed Dermatology and Allergic Disease
02544: Medical Resolution of Gallbladder Mucocele Formation in Dogs North Carolina State University Jody L. Gookin, DVM, PhD Open Hepatic Disease
02534: Clinical Trial for Evaluation of Propranolol and Doxorubicin in the Treatment of Canine Hemangiosarcoma University of Minnesota Erin B. Dickerson, PhD and Antonella Borgatti, DVM, MS Open Oncology - Hemangiosarcoma
02632: Canine Chagas Disease: Characterizing Cardiac Disease and Developing Screening Recommendations for Asymptomatic Dogs Seropositive for Trypanosoma cruzi Texas A&M AgriLife Research Ashley B. Saunders, DVM Closed Cardiology
02659: Breed Specific Reference Ranges for Canine Thyroid Testing Michigan State University Brian Petroff, DVM, PhD Closed Endocrinology
02643-A: Examination of the Effects of Cannabidiol on Canine Neoplastic Cell Apoptosis/Autophagy and Potential for Chemotherapy Resistance or Sensitivity Cornell University Joseph J. Wakshlag, DVM, PhD Closed Oncology
02658: Characterization of Sensory Neuronal and Muscle Pathology in Canine Degenerative Myelopathy to Identify Targets for Therapeutic Intervention University of Missouri Joan R. Coates, DVM, MS Open Neurology
02624: Embracing Polygenicity of Common Complex Disease in Dogs: Genome-wide Association of Cruciate Ligament Rupture University of Wisconsin, Madison Peter Muir, BVSc, PhD Open Musculoskeletal Conditions and Disease
02631: Genetic and Metabolic Determinants of Dilated Cardiomyopathy and their Relationship to Cardiac Arrhythmia in Doberman Pinschers The Folkhälsan Institute of Genetics Hannes T. Lohi, PhD Closed Cardiology
02595-A: Defining the Flow Cytometric Characteristics of Normal and Diseased Canine Spleen and Visceral Lymph Nodes University of Minnesota Courtney E. Johnson, DVM Closed Oncology
02649: Three-dimensional Echocardiographic Determinants of the Age of Onset of Myxomatous Mitral Valve Disease in Cavalier King Charles Spaniels Virginia-Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine Michele Borgarelli, DVM Open Cardiology
02566: Genetics of Idiopathic Epilepsy in Labrador Retrievers The Folkhälsan Institute of Genetics Hannes T. Lohi, PhD Closed Epilepsy Initiative
02597: Molecular Epidemiology of Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus pseudintermedius in the United States University of Tennessee Stephen A. Kania, PhD Closed Dermatology and Allergic Disease
02651: Discovery of Novel Biomarkers of Canine Atopic Dermatitis through Lipid Profiling Purdue University Harm HogenEsch, DVM, PhD Closed Dermatology and Allergic Disease
02642-A: NF-kappaB Inactivation Enhances Apoptosis in Canine Osteosarcoma Cells University of Georgia Travis Laver, VMD, PhD Closed Oncology - Osteosarcoma
02606: The Genetic Background of Lumbosacral Transitional Vertebrae in Dogs The Folkhälsan Institute of Genetics Hannes T. Lohi, PhD Closed Neurology
02636-A: Development of RNA in-situ Hybridization to Identify T Regulatory Cells and their Function within the Tumor Microenvironment of Canine Oral Malignant Melanoma University of Florida Sandra M. Bechtel, DVM Closed Oncology
02572-MOU: Characterization of Retinal Phenotypes and their Association with RPGRIP1 and Modifiers in English Springer Spaniels University of Pennsylvania Keiko Miyadera, DVM, PhD Closed Ophthalmology
02663: Comparative Brain Tumor Consortium (CBTC) Meningioma Pathology Board National Institutes of Health/National Cancer Institute/Center for Cancer Research/Comparative Oncology Program, Cornell University, and University of Pennsylvania Amy LeBlanc, DVM, Andrew Miller, DVM and Molly Church, MS, VMD, PhD Open Oncology
02589: Genetic Basis of Canine Spinal Abnormalities Purdue University Kari J. Ekenstedt, DVM Open Neurology
02604: Clinical, Pathologic, and Molecular Genetics Investigations of Canine Lysosomal Storage Diseases and Related Diseases University of Missouri Gary S. Johnson, DVM, PhD Closed Neurology
02661: Investigation into Diet-Associated Dilated Cardiomyopathy in Dogs University of Florida Darcy B. Adin, DVM, MS Open Cardiology
02569-MOU: Development of a Polygenic Risk Model for Pigmentary Uveitis in Golden Retrievers Purdue University Wendy M. Townsend, DVM, MS Open Ophthalmology
02647-A: Investigation of Cytokine Biomarkers for the Diagnosis of Canine Tuberculosis University of Edinburgh Conor John O'Halloran, BVSc Closed Immunology and Infectious Disease
02608-T: Identification of Genetic Risk Factors for Primary Closed Angle Glaucoma and Pectinate Ligament Abnormality in the Basset Hound University of Cambridge Cathryn Mellersh, PhD Open Ophthalmology
02610-A: The Role of Motilin Signaling in Canine Osteoarthritis Tufts University Li Zeng, PhD Closed Musculoskeletal Conditions and Disease
02593-A: Evaluation of the Transversus Abdominis Plane Block to Control Pain Associated with Abdominal Surgery in Dogs University of Minnesota Alonso Guedes, DVM, MS, PhD Open General Canine Health
02614-A: Validation of Fine Needle Aspiration as a Minimally Invasive Sampling Method for Gene Expression Quantification of Pharmacogenetic Targets University of Illinois Jennifer M. Reinhart, DVM, PhD Closed General Canine Health
2646: Effect of Hyperthermia on Skeletal Muscle Energy Efficiency Oklahoma State University Michael S. Davis, DVM, PhD Closed Musculoskeletal Conditions and Disease
02633: Validation and Diagnostic Performance of a Novel Monoclonal Antibody based Histoplasma Urine Immunoassay in Dogs with Histoplasmosis Oklahoma State University Andrew S. Hanzlicek, DVM, MS Closed Immunology and Infectious Disease
02644-A: Evaluation of Gallbladder Motility in Dogs with Hyperlipidemia Virginia-Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine Stefanie DeMonaco, DVM, MS Closed Hepatic Disease
02550: The Role of Bartonella spp. Exposure and Cardiac Genetic Variation on the Clinical Expression of Arrhythmogenic Right Ventricular Cardiomyopathy in the Boxer Dog North Carolina State University Edward B Breitschwerdt, DVM and Kathryn Meurs, DVM, PhD Closed Cardiology
02561: Is Gut Dysbiosis Associated with Canine Idiopathic Epilepsy? North Carolina State University Karen R. Muñana, DVM, MS Closed Epilepsy Initiative
02653-A: Evaluation of the Serum and Cutaneous Levels of Chemokines in Atopic Dogs University of Florida Domenico Santoro, DVM, MS, DrSc, PhD Open Dermatology and Allergic Disease
02553: Targeted Next Generation Sequencing Panel for Comprehensive Testing of Vector-borne Pathogens Purdue University Rebecca Wilkes, DVM Closed Tick-Borne Disease Initiative
02637-A: Reducing Misdiagnosis of Immune-Mediated Hemolytic Anemia Texas A&M University Unity Jeffery, VetMB, PhD Closed Blood Disorders
02590-A: Histologic characterization of Golden Retriever Pigmentary Uveitis Purdue University Wendy M. Townsend, DVM, MS Closed Ophthalmology
02575-MOU: Genetic Basis of Exercise-Induced Collapse in Border Collie Related Breeds University of Minnesota James R. Mickelson, PhD Closed Neurology
02556-MOU: Identification of the Molecular Genetic Cause for Cystinuria in Irish Terriers University of Missouri Gary S. Johnson, DVM, PhD Closed Kidney & Urological Disease
02536-MOU: Immunoprofiling to Combat Canine Immune Thrombocytopenia Cornell University and Iowa State University Marjory B. Brooks, DVM and Dana LeVine, DVM, PhD Closed Blood Disorders
02535-MOU: Clinical and Molecular Genetic Analysis of Juvenile-Onset Laryngeal Paralysis in American Staffordshire Terriers University of Missouri Gary S. Johnson, DVM, PhD Closed Neurology

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