Kidney and Urological Disease Grants

The AKC Canine Health Foundation supports basic science discovery and clinical research into the treatment of renal and urologic disorders through the Kidney and Urological Disease Research Program Area. This program supports research into the pathophysiology of disease, the identification of unique/emerging risk factors for the development of renal disease, genetic/epigenetic/proteomic/metabolomic factors associated with disease development, predictors (biomarkers) of kidney damage and recovery, and identification of potential therapeutic drugs that reduce the pathology associated with disease.

Active Grants:

 02556-MOU Identification of the Molecular Genetic Cause for Cystinuria in Irish Terriers
 02437-MOU Characterization of Renal Disease in American Boxer Dogs
 02263-MOU Characterization of Kidney Disease in Dalmatians
 02152 Translation of MicroRNA into an Early Diagnostic Test for Chronic Kidney Disease
 02066 Identification of Novel Biomarkers and Therapeutic Targets for Chronic Kidney Disease in Dogs
 01844 Treatment of Urinary Incontinence with Multipotent Muscle Cells: A Regenerative Medicine Approach to a Common Canine Health Problem

Previously Awarded Grants:

 02110-A Investigating the Effects of an Infusion of Fenoldopam on Kidney Function to Improve Outcomes of Acute Kidney Injury Patients
 1658 Early Detection of Chronic Kidney Disease to Prevent Kidney Damage
 1766 Identification and Validation of the Genes That Define Abnormal Development of the Kidney in Dogs

The AKC Canine Health Foundation funds research in 23 different Research Program Areas for the health of all dogs. These program areas enable the Foundation to create depth in our research portfolio and help us to be responsive to the health concerns of our constituents.

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