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03261-A: Mechanisms of Immunotolerance in Canine Oral Melanoma: An Opportunity for Comparative Approaches University of Florida Valentina Stevenson, DVM, PhD and Rowan J Milner, BVSc, MMedVet, PhD Open Oncology
03266: Development of a Novel Diagnostic Test for Canine Osteosarcoma Using Raman Spectroscopy University of California, Davis Terza Brostoff, DVM, PhD Open Oncology - Osteosarcoma
03228: Identification of Tumor-Specific Proteins for Targeted Therapy in Solid and Disseminated Histiocytic Sarcoma University of Zurich Enni Markkanen, Dr. med. vet., Dr. sc. nat. and Mirja C Nolff, Dr. med. vet., DVM Open Oncology
03186-A: Comparison of Genomic Mutation Status Between Primary Site and Metastatic Lymph Node in Canine Oral Malignant Melanoma University of Missouri Yoshimi Iwaki, DVM and Jeffrey N. Bryan, DVM, PhD Open Oncology
03194: A Blueprint to Develop Next-Generation CAR T Therapy for Canine Lymphoma Trustees of the University of Pennsylvania Matthew J Atherton, BVSc, PhD Open Oncology - Lymphoma
03187: Investigating Volatile Organic Compounds as Potential Markers of Canine Hemangiosarcoma by Trained Bio-detection Dogs Trustees of the University of Pennsylvania Cynthia M. Otto, DVM, PhD; Open Oncology - Hemangiosarcoma
3195: Early Genetic Markers of Histiocytic Sarcoma for Faster Diagnosis and More Effective Treatment CNRS - University of Rennes Benoit Hedan, DVM, PhD Open Oncology
03266-A: Development of a Novel Diagnostic Test for Canine Osteosarcoma Using Raman Spectroscopy University of California, Davis Terza Brostoff, DVM, PhD Open Oncology - Osteosarcoma
03103: Identification of Genetic Mutations in AnalSac Carcinoma Development in English Cocker Spaniels, Part II – Validation University of Georgia Shaying Zhao, PhD Open Oncology
03144: Lomustine, Asparaginase, Procarbazine and Prednisone (LAPP) for Canine Multicentric Lymphoma: A Practical Multiagent Chemotherapy Protocol that Avoids Injectable Cytotoxics Colorado State University Douglas H Thamm, VMD Open Oncology - Lymphoma
03095-A: Cell-Specific Expression of MicroRNAs in Primary and Metastatic Canine Osteosarcoma University of Guelph Geoffrey Wood, DVM, PhD Open Oncology - Osteosarcoma
03102-A: Can Deep Learning (CNN) Detect Minimal Residual Disease (MRD) in Dogs Treated for Lymphoma? Virginia-Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine Kurt Zimmerman, DVM PhD; Open Oncology - Lymphoma
03100-A: The Use of Artificial Intelligence and Computed Tomography Image Features to Predict Sentinel Lymph Node Metastasis in Dogs with Oral Tumours Ontario Veterinary College Christopher Pinard, DVM Open Oncology
02992-A: Sentinel Lymph Node Mapping for Dogs with Lung Tumors University of Guelph Michelle Oblak, DVM, DVSc Open Oncology
03032-MOU: Early Detection of Canine Osteosarcoma University of Minnesota Jamie Modiano, VMD, PhD Open Oncology - Osteosarcoma
03015: The Immune and Molecular Landscape of Canine Osteosarcoma at the Single-Cell Level University of Minnesota Jaime F Modiano, VMD, PhD Open Oncology - Osteosarcoma
03003: Suppression of Extracellular Glutamate Efflux & mGluR1 Signaling to Impede Canine Hemangiosarcoma Cell Growth University of Illinois Timothy Fan, DVM, PhD Open Oncology - Hemangiosarcoma
03011: A GD3 Nano-scaled Liposomal Cancer Vaccine Clinical Trial for Canine Hemangiosarcoma University of Florida Rowan Milner, BVSc Open Oncology - Hemangiosarcoma
02991-A: Investigating Extracellular Crosstalk Between Canine Osteosarcoma and Macrophages North Carolina State University Erika Gruber, DVM, PhD Open Oncology - Osteosarcoma
03007: Chimeric BiTE-redirected Anti-viral T Cells for Fratricide of Minimal Residual Disease in T-cell Malignancies North Carolina State University Paul Hess, DVM, PhD Open Oncology - Lymphoma
03009: Evaluating Accuracy for Identification of Sentinel Lymph Nodes in Dogs with Cutaneous MCT: A Comparison University of Florida Judith Bertran, DVM, MS and Natalie Worden, DVM Open Oncology
02998: Whole-Exome and Transcriptome Sequencing of Canine Small Cell B Cell Lymphoma and Comparative Analysis to Diffuse Large B Cell Lymphoma Colorado State University Anne Avery, DVM, PhD Open Oncology - Lymphoma
02987: It’s All In The Genes: The Mutational Landscape of Acute Myeloid Leukemia in Dogs Cornell University Tracy Stokol, BVSc, PhD Open Blood Disorders, Oncology
02946: Towards Curative Outcomes in Canine Hemangiosarcoma Ethos Discovery Chand Khanna, DVM, PhD Open Oncology - Hemangiosarcoma
02912: Adoptive Natural Killer (NK) Cell Immunotherapy for Canine Lymphoma The Ohio State University William Kisseberth, DVM, PhD Open Oncology - Lymphoma
02880: Enhanced Surgical Margin Imaging with Polarization-sensitive Optical Coherence Tomography in Canine Soft Tissue Sarcoma and Mammary Tumors The Ohio State University Laura Selmic, BVetMed, MPH Open Oncology
02907: Ultrasound-guided Histotripsy Ablation of Canine Brain Tumors through an Acoustically Transparent Cranial Window Virginia-Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine John Rossmeisl, DVM, MS Open Oncology
02885: Exposure to Environmental Chemicals in Boxers with Lymphoma University of Wisconsin, Madison Lauren Trepanier, DVM, PhD Open Oncology - Lymphoma
02879: Use of CRISPR-based Genome-wide Approach for Identification of Vulnerabilities in Canine Oral Melanoma R(D)SVS and Roslin Institute, University of Edinburgh Maciej Parys, DVM, PhD Open Oncology
02855-A: Repurposing Drugs to Modulate Myeloid-derived Suppressor Cells (MDSCs) in Canine Soft Tissue Sarcomas Louisiana State University Sita Withers, BVSc, PhD Open Oncology
02806-MOU: Strategic Prevention of Canine Hemangiosarcoma: Lifetime Follow-Up University of Minnesota Jaime F Modiano, VMD PhD Open Oncology - Hemangiosarcoma
02782: Genetic Contribution to Early-onset Osteosarcoma University of Wisconsin, Madison Susannah Sample, DVM, MS, PhD Open Oncology - Osteosarcoma
02732-A: Tumor-educated Platelets: A Novel Minimally Invasive Liquid Biopsy for Early Cancer Diagnosis Texas A&M AgriLife Research Blanca M. Lupiani, PhD Open Oncology
02534: Clinical Trial for Evaluation of Propranolol and Doxorubicin in the Treatment of Canine Hemangiosarcoma University of Minnesota Erin B. Dickerson, PhD and Antonella Borgatti, DVM, MS Open Oncology - Hemangiosarcoma
01660: Identifying the Genes That Confer Risk for Osteosarcoma The Ohio State University Carlos E. Alvarez, PhD Open Oncology - Osteosarcoma

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