Funding Eligibility

Graduate Student Salary Support

The AKC Canine Health Foundation allows salary support for graduate students on a sliding scale based on a standard schedule of progressive time in the laboratory.

Year of Graduate Student
 Percentage of allowable salary in budget
 1  25%
 2  50%
 3  50%
 4  90%
 5  90%


***All studies involving animals must abide by CHF's Humane Use of Animals Policy.***

Items Ineligible for Funding:

Contact the Foundation at with questions concerning the list of ineligible research expenses.


  • Projects involving dog research colonies or any non-client owned dogs (i.e. participating dogs must have owner consent)
  • Projects involving disease induction or injury models
  • Transportation of live or dead dogs

Salary and Personnel Expenses:

  • Salary of full time university or industry faculty or professional, salaried staff (non-profit or for-profit)
  • Tuition or registration fees for classes or training
  • Graduate student expenses associated with course work and teaching responsibilities
  • Travel expenses related to research project objectives will be considered on a case-by-case basis (example: sample procurement, presentation of research findings)
Indirect Costs:
  • To ensure funds are used for research, it is not AKC CHF’s position to incur indirect costs on sub-awards as a direct cost of the award.
  • The maximum allowable indirect costs request is 8% of the total grant budget. 


  • Purchase or rental of laboratory equipment or non-disposable parts
  • Repair or maintenance of laboratory equipment or non-disposable parts
  • Computer equipment and/or software
  • Development of custom-designed computer software 

Help Future Generations of Dogs

Participate in canine health research by providing samples or by enrolling in a clinical trial. Samples are needed from healthy dogs and dogs affected by specific diseases.

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