0002215B: A BAC Map of the Canine Genome

Grant Status: Closed

Grant Amount: $150,000
Francis Galibert, PhD; CNRS - University of Rennes
August 16, 2001 - September 30, 2004


Breed(s): -All Dogs
Research Program Area: General Canine Health
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Genome maps are essential for identifying genes that cause inherited disease. They consist of a series of markers, or molecular street signs, positioned along each chromosome, which act as reference points for navigating different regions of the genome. Currently, the canine map is composed of about several hundred such markers, which provide "addresses" for over 90% of the genome and as a result, the current map has proven useful for identifying the general location of several disease genes. But a much more highly refined map is necessary if we are to actually clone disease genes of interest (not just identify their location) and, subsequently, develop affordable and reproducible genetic tests. This proposal aims to characterize several hundred random clones, each containing a small portion of the canine genome, and then order them on the existing map, relative to the markers and genes already positioned. These clones, called BACs, will serve as "entry points" along the canine genome to begin a molecular "walk" towards a disease gene once its general chromosomal location is known. The work done as a result of this proposal is not breed specific, rather, it will equally benefit all breeds of dog.


Breen, M., Hitte, C., Lorentzen, T. D., Thomas, R., Cadieu, E., Sabacan, L., … Ostrander, E. A. (2004). An integrated 4249 marker FISH/RH map of the canine genome. BMC Genomics, 5(65), 11.

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