1275: Type I Markers for Canine Homologs

Grant Status: Closed

Grant Amount: $54,600
Dr. Gary S. Johnson, DVM PhD, University of Missouri, Columbia
May 22, 1996 - May 21, 1998
Sponsor(s): Alaskan Malamute Research Foundation, Inc., Buckeye Keeshond Club, Keeshond Club of America
Breed(s): -All Dogs
Research Program Area: Prevention

Project Summary

This project sought to identify candidate genes for specific diseases in dogs. Candidate genes are genes known to cause specific diseases in other species. The researchers searched for canine equivalents of three human chromosomes. They identified more than 25 Type I markers (markers that are associated with specific genes). These markers, mapped on the canine genome linkage map, provide valuable information to other scientists looking for the genes causing various heritable diseases in dogs.


- Chen YW, Bermudez AJ, Liu PC, Nonneman D, Johnson GS. A DraIII PCR/RFLP in an intron of the emu lysosomal protective protein gene. Anim Genet. 1998 Oct;29(5):404-5. PubMed PMID: 9800337. - Zhou T, Shibuya H, Liu PC, O'Brien DP, Johnson GS. A NlaIII

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