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41. OAK Abstract Page Template

(File; Mon Jan 14 13:44:00 CST 2013)

***Please complete this application and remove or replace all the blue, italic instructions. All length restrictions must be followed. Format information for the application is: Font Style - Arial or Times New Roman; Font Size - 11 o...

Description: OAK Abstract Page Template

42. Open Letter to Applicants

(File; Mon Jan 21 12:14:00 CST 2013)

January 21, 2013Dear Canine Health Researcher:The AKC Canine Health Foundation recently changed the process for OAK grant solicitationand review to enhance the peer review process and streamline grant selection. Historically, theAKC Cani...

Description: Open Letter to Grant Applicants dated January 14, 2013 from Chief Scientific Officer, Dr. Shila Nordone.

43. Writing a Successful Grant to CHF

(File; Mon Feb 11 15:11:00 CST 2013)

How to write a successfulgrant to theAKC Canine HealthFoundation (CHF)Providing Purina the Competitive Edge as the Premier Consumer Partner in Pet Care!How to be successfulwith CHFD’:1. S1 ’2. Read our mission and vision statement3. R...

Description: This presentation outlines suggestions for writing the best possible grant to the AKC Canine Health Foundation.

44. 2012 Audited Financial Statements

(File; Fri Mar 15 07:50:00 CDT 2013)

Description: The 2012 audited financial statements for the AKC Canine Health Foundation.

45. 2014 Calendar Agreement Form

(File; Thu Mar 21 08:03:00 CDT 2013)

AKC Canine Health FoundationChampions for Canine Health Calendar(Replaces Living Art Calendar)Participant Agreement FormTo participate, all you need is a beautiful photograph of your champion dog and a contribution to our mission of$2,50...

Description: sponsorship agreement for the 2014 calendar project

46. 2012 Annual Report

(File; Mon Apr 01 12:22:00 CDT 2013)

AKCCANINEHEALTHFOUNDATIONANNU ALREPORTDCHFor the Love of your dog...For the Future of your breed AKC C HFIHTHFI C A I‘Fit for Sport. Fit For Life™.’TOCHF www.akcchf.org/videosCHF I DE INC UC ICHFITO HIOTLATT DDChairman of the BoardCEO ...

Description: 2012 Annual Report

47. Grant Application Signature Page Template

(File; Thu May 02 09:02:00 CDT 2013)

Principal Investigator: NAMEDate: DATE **Please complete this signature page and remove or replace all the blue, italic instructions.** Project Title: Must be different from ongoing or pending research. Principal Investigator(s): Name...

Description: This document is the template to be used for applications containing project information and signatures of principal investigators and sponsored program officer.

48. No Cost Extension Request

(File; Thu May 02 08:24:00 CDT 2013)

*** Please complete this application and remove or replace all the blue, italic i nstructions . * ** AKC Canine Health Foundation No Cost Extension Request CHF Grant Number Project Title Institution Investigator ( s ) Project Start D...

Description: No Cost Extension Request Template

49. 2012 Form 990

(File; Mon May 13 13:27:00 CDT 2013)

Description: 2012 IRS Form 990 for the AKC Canine Health Foundation

50. 2014 Calendar Order Form

(File; Thu May 23 15:32:00 CDT 2013)

JOIN THE CHAMPIONS2014 Champions forCanine Health CalendarAKC Canine Health FoundationPurchase your calendar today and you too, can helpmake a difference in the advancement for caninehealth research!All proceeds benefit theAKC CanineHeal...

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