02858-A: Investigation of Mechanisms of Resistance to Immunotherapy in Dogs with Spontaneous High-grade Glioma

Grant Status: Open

Grant Amount: $13,375
Susan Arnold, DVM; University of Minnesota
March 1, 2021 - August 31, 2022


Breed(s): French Bulldog, -All Dogs
Research Program Area: Oncology
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This study will investigate the underlying reasons why French Bulldogs with high grade gliomas (HGG) respond poorly to immunotherapy-based treatment. The research team will investigate novel immunotherapies designed to alter the interaction between the immune system and high grade gliomas (HGG) and includes anti-tumor vaccine-based therapy and other therapies to stimulate the immune response against tumors. All forms of immunotherapy that have been investigated by this research team have yielded comparable or superior survival times to conventional therapy in all breeds other than French Bulldogs. While other breeds have a median disease-related overall survival time of 267 days when treated with any form of immunotherapy, in comparison, French Bulldogs experience a median disease-related overall survival time of only 48 days. All dogs enrolled in the studies had similar HGG features on biopsies, raising questions about differences in genetic fingerprints of the tumors and immune responses of this breed compared to others. The first aim is to identify genetic differences in French Bulldog HGG cells compared to HGG cells of other dog breeds. The second aim is to characterize the immune system profile of French Bulldogs with HGG by comparing their immune cells to those of healthy French Bulldogs as well as other breeds with HGG. This project is highly impactful for advancing canine health and may reveal breed-specific immunotherapeutic targets that increase the success of immunotherapy for canine HGG.


None at this time.

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