02532-A: Canine Influenza: Occurrence, Spatial and Temporal Trends and Identifying Modifiable Factors to Reduce Transmission at Events in the United States

Grant Status: Closed

Grant Amount: $14,040
J Scott Weese, DVM and Jason Stull, VMD, MPVM, PhD; University of Guelph; Ohio State University and University of Prince Edward Island
June 1, 2018 - February 29, 2020

Sponsor(s): American Boxer Charitable Foundation

Breed(s): -All Dogs
Research Program Area: Immunology and Infectious Disease
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Canine influenza is an important disease affecting dogs, especially in situations where many dogs come together (e.g., boarding, dog shows, doggie daycare). Several recent outbreaks of canine influenza have been reported in the United States with anecdotally high levels of dog-dog transmission of canine influenza virus (CIV), resulting in dog illness and death as well as disruption or cancellation of shows and other events. Despite the importance of this disease, little is known of modifiable factors linked to CIV spread in dogs. Work to address this research gap is greatly needed in order to answer key questions about CIV and future control and prevention needs. The investigators will utilize an existing database of dogs tested for CIV to determine any recent changes over time and region (outbreaks) of CIV in the United States. Surveys of dog show participants will also be used to collect information on dog, owner/handler, and canine event factors related to CIV spread. Results will be used to develop and pilot a voluntary surveillance network to serve as an early warning mechanism to identify disease outbreaks (CIV and others) linked to dog events. Findings from this work will allow for targeted prevention strategies to reduce CIV spread in the United States which could be applied to other canine infectious diseases.


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