02380-A: Estimating Prevalence and Identifying Risk Factors for Canine Leptospirosis in North America

Grant Status: Closed

Grant Amount: $14,990
Thomas Wittum, MS, PhD and Jason Stull, VMD, MPVM, PhD; Ohio State University and University of Prince Edward Island
May 1, 2017 - October 31, 2019

Sponsor(s): Bedlington Terrier Club of America, Labrador Retriever Club, Inc.

Breed(s): -All Dogs
Research Program Area: Immunology and Infectious Disease
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One Health: Yes


Leptospirosis is an important and re-emerging disease of dogs, humans and other species that is transmitted by contact with infected urine. Infected dogs can develop severe illness, including death. Despite being recognized as a disease that appears to be increasing in frequency in dogs across the United States and Canada, many areas important to dog health are unknown. Regions of greatest canine leptospirosis risk, dog factors that increase risk and the most important prevention methods remain unclear. The investigators will use an existing large international database of dogs to determine the occurrence and changes over time and region of this disease. Current ""hot spots"" for canine leptospirosis will be determined. These ""hot spots"" will be further evaluated in detail by enrolling dogs and their owners in a follow-up study component to identify key behaviors and practices that can be used to successfully reduce the risk of leptospirosis in dogs. Maps will be created for use by dog owners and veterinarians to identify areas of greatest risk and concern for this disease. Together, maps and risk reduction data will allow for targeted education to individuals with dogs living or traveling to higher-risk areas to protect dogs against leptospirosis.


Smith, A. M., Stull, J. W., Evason, M. D., Weese, J. S., Wittum, T. E., Szlosek, D., & Arruda, A. G. (2021). Investigation of spatio-temporal clusters of positive leptospirosis polymerase chain reaction test results in dogs in the United States, 2009 to 2016. Journal of Veterinary Internal Medicine. https://doi.org/10.1111/jvim.16060

-Leptospirosis Information for Dog Owners

Smith, A. M., Arruda, A. G., Evason, M. D., Weese, J. S., Wittum, T. E., Szlosek, D., & Stull, J. W. (2019). A cross-sectional study of environmental, dog, and human-related risk factors for positive canine leptospirosis PCR test results in the United States, 2009 to 2016. BMC Veterinary Research, 15(1), 412. doi.org/10.1186/s12917-019-2148-6

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