02081-A: Integrating Cutting Edge Science with Scientific Training to Defeat Hemangiosarcoma

Grant Status: Closed

Grant Amount: $12,960
Jaime F Modiano, VMD, PhD; University of Minnesota
August 1, 2013 - July 31, 2014


Breed(s): Golden Retriever
Research Program Area: Oncology - Hemangiosarcoma
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Canine hemangiosarcoma (HSA) is an intractable disease with no warning signs and no effective treatments. Contemporary research is overturning long-held, yet incorrect assumptions about its origins and biological behavior. One approach to accelerate progress is to bring young, talented scientists with no deep-held biases into the field and allow them to evaluate data with a fresh perspective. This project is designed to nurture one such young scientist under the joint mentorship of a stellar post-doc and a tech, and a senior established investigator. Ms. Ashley Rodriguez, a 10th grader at the Potomac School in McLean, VA, helped to conceive this project. She formulated the hypothesis that sphingosine-1 phosphate receptors (S1PR) contribute to the progression of HSA. She arranged for this collaboration to test her hypothesis in Dr. Modiano's lab, where she will train through an intensive summer experience. Thereafter, she will continue working at the Potomac School under the guidance of Dr. Cohen, her science teacher, while Dr. Modiano complements her efforts at the U of M. She will not only acquire experimental skills, but also meet other scientists in the field and learn the art of scientific writing and reporting. The involvement of a senior team of scientists will ensure that the mentoring goals are completed and accompanied by scientific innovation. At the end of the project, we expect Ms. Rodriguez's ambition to become a veterinary scientist to be further solidified and to have data to support projects that can translate S1PR modulation into improved outcomes for dogs with HSA.


Rodriguez, A. M., Graef, A. J., LeVine, D. N., Cohen, I. R., Modiano, J. F., & Kim, J.-H. (2015). Association of Sphingosine-1-phosphate (S1P)/S1P Receptor-1 Pathway with Cell Proliferation and Survival in Canine Hemangiosarcoma. Journal of Veterinary Internal Medicine, 29(4), 1088–1097. https://doi.org/10.1111/jvim.13570

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