Sarah Murphy

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Sarah Murphy (Grant 02654-E)
Mentor: Leigh Anne Clark, PhD; Clemson University

Ms. Murphy earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Genetics from Clemson University. She is now a graduate research assistant at Clemson University and is pursuing a doctoral degree in Genetics.

Ms. Murphy is continuing her work on the genetic basis of congenital idiopathic megaesophagus (CIM) in German Shepherd Dogs and Great Danes. This neuromuscular disease is characterized by an enlarged esophagus that causes difficulty swallowing, regurgitation of food, and clinical signs of starvation. Preliminary findings indicate that CIM is a genetically complex disease with unique causes in these two breeds. Ms. Murphy will conduct genome wide analyses to identify genetic markers associated with CIM in German Shepherd Dogs and Great Danes. The goal of her study is to develop a genomic prediction tool to help breeders plan matings that will not produce CIM without sacrificing genetic diversity.

Ms. Murphy’s mentor, Leigh Anne Clark, PhD, has received prior CHF funding for genetic research. Read about her research:
00934: Investigation of Inherited Diseases of the German Shepherd Dog Using the SNP Array
02261-MOU: Improvement of Risk Assessments for Dermatomyositis Testing
01497-A: Dog leukocyte antigen 88 typing in German Shepherd Dogs having pancreatic insufficiency

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