00577-AT: Sebaceous Adenitis in the Akita

Grant Status: Closed

Grant Amount: $3,967
Ina Pfeiffer, PD; University of Kassel
April 1, 2006 - June 30, 2006


Breed(s): Akita
Research Program Area: Dermatology and Allergic Disease
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Sebaceous adenitis (SA) is a skin disease that is found in Akitas as well as several other dog breeds. Very typically the disease can be seen as an impaired metabolism of the skin with a chronic inflammation and leading to a destruction of the sebaceous glands. A consequence of this is a progressive loss of hair combined with seborrhea. The whole hair, including its root is typically lost. SA is also found in other dog breeds such as Vizslas and Poodles. The etiology of SA is mostly unknown but as an autoimmune process has been discussed as a possibility. The treatment of SA affected dogs is mostly focused on topical treatment with oil and on a reduction of secondary infections of the skin. The mechanism that causes the destruction of the glands and the abnormality of biochemical reactions in the cells are still unknown. Actually, no medications to restore the glands have been found for any of the affected dog breeds. In Standard Poodles and Akitas SA seems to be an inherited disease. In this research project we are trying to find the cause for SA on a genetic level, so that in the near future perhaps a genetic reason can be observed as the main cause of the disease.


None at this time.

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