Understanding the Genetic Basis of Addison's Disease in Portuguese Water Dogs

Breed(s): Portuguese Water Dog
Sample Type: Blood Sample
Study Location: University of Minnesota
CHF-funded Grant: 02945-MOU

The purpose of this study is to understand the genetic risk factors that lead to the development of Addison's Disease in Portuguese Water Dogs.

Participation Requirements:

Affected: must be a typical Addisonian case with abnormal Na/K ratio and flat ACTH stimulation test at the time of diagnosis. Must be receiving cortisol replacement therapy (prednisone) and aldosterone replacement therapy (Percorten, Zycortal, or Florinef).

Unaffected: must be at least 10 years of age and apparently healthy. Owner must be willing to allow us to run a baseline cortisol test and/or an ACTH stimulation test to rule out Addison's disease.

Dog can reside anywhere, no specific restrictions; blood will be drawn at local veterinarians and be shipped to us via FedEx.

Owner's Responsibilities:

1. Participate in a brief survey about the dog's medical history
2. Be willing to bring the dog to a local veterinarian for a blood draw
3. Submit a pedigree, if available
4. Submit the dog's medical records for review (affected dogs only)

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Contact Information:

Name: Steven Friedenberg (PI) or Elizabeth Greif (graduate student)
Email: pwdstudy@umn.edu
Phone: 612-624-5148 (SF)

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