Towards Curative Outcomes in Canine Hemangiosarcoma

Breed(s): -All Dogs
Sample Type: Blood Sample, Tissue Sample
Study Location: Ethos Discovery (see website for a list of locations)
CHF-funded Grant: 02946

Canine hemangiosarcoma is the most aggressive cancer seen in all dogs, but disproportionately affects older, large breed dogs. A nation-wide clinical trial for 400 dogs with splenic hemangiosarcoma seeks to deliver curative outcomes for dogs with this disease. With collaboration from AKC Canine Health Foundation, dog-owning families from outside the geographical enactment of 30 Ethos veterinary hospitals can join the trial to receive care, and to conduct genomic correlative studies with two internationally recognized scientific teams to gain critical new knowledge necessary to propel the field to this future goal of curative outcomes.

Participation Requirements:

Inclusion Criteria:

  • Hemoperitoneum diagnosed via abdominocentesis
  • Splenic mass present on abdominal ultrasound (AFAST by ER doctor or ultrasound with Radiologist/Internist)
  • Any dog that had a splenectomy, was found to have primary splenic hemangiosarcoma based on histopathologic examination, had splenic tumor sample collection performed per the Ethos-PUSH protocol and sample collection MOP, and is planning on receiving adjuvant chemotherapy within 45 days of surgery.
  • No evidence of metastasis at the time of surgery as determined via three-view thoracic radiographs (interpreted by a boarded Radiologist) and histopathology of abnormal intra-abdominal lesions.
  • If >25 days post-splenectomy, no evidence of metastasis as determined via three-view thoracic radiographs (interpreted by a boarded Radiologist) and abdominal ultrasound (performed by a boarded Radiologist or internal medicine specialist).   
  • Dogs weighing >5kg and
  • Informed consent signed

Exclusion Criteria:

  • Dogs that have documented evidence for metastasis
  • Dogs that have received chemotherapy (including systemic prednisone) within 30 days of study entry
  • Dogs with evidence for concurrent malignancy
  • Dogs with dilated cardiomyopathy or significant heart disease which would preclude treatment with doxorubicin (excluding perioperative arrhythmias suspected to be due to splenic disease)
  • Dogs on supplements or other treatments with potential antineoplastic activity within 3 days of starting treatment
  •  >45 days post-splenectomy
  • Significant renal disease (IRIS Stage 2 or higher, creatinine >1.4)
  • Modified ECOG performance status >1
  • Dogs with concurrent malignancy or significant comorbidities that are suspected to contribute to severe dampening of quality of life in next 6 months
  • Dogs unable to be pilled or incapable of taking oral medications

Owner's Responsibilities:

  • Written informed consent for each animal in the study will be obtained from the animal’s owner/agent prior to enrollment.
  • Sample (blood, tissue) collection, welfare, treatment, and care of animals in the study will be ensured by the veterinarians that are overseeing their care at each of the study sites.

Dogs are eligible to receive care in this trial at our network of 30 Ethos Specialty and Emergency hospitals (see the website for participating clinic sites). All study sample collections will be performed at participating hospital sites. We are now seeking to expand the opportunity for pet-owning families from outside the geographical catchment of Ethos hospitals to receive care in this trial; updates on participating study sites will be posted on the EPUSH clinical study website.

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Contact Information:

Name: Samuel Stewart, DVM, DACVECC
Phone: 845-443-1433

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