Identifying the Genetic Basis of Protein Losing Enteropathy in Yorkshire Terriers

Breed(s): Yorkshire Terrier
Sample Type: Blood Sample
Study Location: Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine
CHF-funded Grant: 02523-MOU

Chronic intestinal disease that is associated with the loss of protein into the gut, known as protein losing enteropathy (PLE), is a severe, life threatening condition that affects many dog breeds, including the Yorkshire Terrier, Soft-coated Wheaten Terrier, Basenji, Norwegian Lundehund, and the Chinese Shar-pei.

The syndrome of PLE is most common in Yorkshire Terriers and affected dogs typically suffer from severe weight loss, accumulation of fluid within tissues and in their body, diarrhea, low levels of circulating proteins, increased risk for abnormal clotting, and unbalanced vitamins and minerals. Remission occasionally occurs, however, relapse of the disease is common and longterm survival is rare.

We are seeking to learn more about the genetics of the disease in order to develop diagnostic tests to identify dogs that are carriers of PLE prior to breeding. We also are studying ways in which the disease is caused in other species and to improve PLE treatments in the future.

Eligibility and Requriements:

  • Yorkshire Terriers with a diagnosis of Protein Losing Enteropathy
  • Yorkshire Terriers that are 10yrs of age or older who have NO history of chronic Gastrointestinal  disease and a normal serum albumin (determined on blood samples submitted for genotyping).
  • A blood sample from each dog is required for the study
  • All identifying client and animal details will be considered confidential

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Dr. Kenneth Simpson
P: 607-253-3567
F: 608-253-3788

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