Genetics of X-linked Progressive Retinal Atrophy in Greyhounds

Breed(s): Greyhound
Sample Type: DNA Sample, Clinical Study
Study Location: UC Davis Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital

Background and purpose

This trial is being conducted to better characterize retinal degeneration syndrome in greyhounds with hopes of identifying the genetic components of this disease.

Participation requirements

Any Greyhounds diagnosed with retinal degeneration and their relatives.

  • Female greyhounds related to Kiowa Mon Manny, especially daughters and direct descendants of Kiowa Sweet Trey, particularly those with Progressive Retinal Atrophy, are highly encouraged to participate.

American Kennel Club registered Greyhounds, both males or females.

  • These candidates to participate in the study from home, using an oral swab that we will mail to the owner to provide a sample of DNA.

Benefits and risks of participating

Your pet will benefit from the thorough ocular examination included in this trial. Results from this study will hopefully help us identify a gene associated with this disease in greyhounds.


The study will cover all costs associated with the study and may pay up to $200 for medical treatment of adverse events incurred because of participation in this trial. If you elect to participate from home, we will ship you the oral swabs and send you a return label for free.

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Contact Information:

Principal Investigator: Dr. Sara Thomasy, Professor
Study Contact: Michelle Ferneding; Email: and Phone: (530) 752-6967

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