Exposure to Environmental Chemicals in Boxer Dogs with Lymphoma

Breed(s): Boxer
Study Location: University of Wisconsin-Madison
CHF-funded Grant: 02885

Lymphoma has environmental associations in humans, but the relationship between environmental exposures and lymphoma in dogs is poorly understood. We recently found that lymphoma in the high-risk breed, Boxer, was associated with living in proximity to nuclear power plants, crematoria, and chemical industries. The purpose of the current study is to directly measure specific environmental chemicals in the urine, drinking water, and indoor household air of Boxer dogs recently diagnosed with lymphoma, compared to matched unaffected Boxer dogs.

Participation Requirements:

Any geographic location. Samples can be sent in by dog owners.

Purebred Boxers diagnosed cytologically or histologically with immunophenoypted T-cell lymphoma, prior to chemotherapy (prednisone allowed).

Age- and sex matched clinically healthy boxer dogs with no history of systemic cancer (cutaneous mast cell tumors allowed).

Learn more by downloading the study flyer here!

Owner Responsibilities:

From a kit mailed to the owner:
1) Fill out a household questionnaire, including household address
2) Collect voided dog urine
3) Collect sample of dog's typical drinking water
4) Collect indoor air over 8 hours using a special canister with free return shipping
5) Return kit materials (local FedEx center required; postage paid)

Sample Type: URINE

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Contact Information:

Name:  Dr. Lauren Trepanier
Phone: lauren.trepanier@wisc.edu
Email: 608-263-5520

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