Funding Announced for 2019 Theriogenology Residency Programs

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Funding Announced for 2019 Theriogenology Residency Programs

RALEIGH, NC (July 30, 2018) – The Theriogenology Residency Program sponsored by the American Kennel Club (AKC), AKC Canine Health Foundation (CHF), and Theriogenology Foundation (TF) is a collaborative effort to increase the number of trained practitioners in companion animal theriogenology (reproductive health) and clinical genetics. The funders, AKC and CHF, and their partners at the TF announce that the University of Pennsylvania and Auburn University have been selected through a competitive grant application process to receive residency program funding in 2019. This funding allows the universities to solicit top candidates through the annual American Association of Veterinary Clinicians’ Veterinary Internship and Residency Matching Program. Individuals selected for each residency will be announced in the spring of 2019 to begin their two- or three-year educational programs in July 2019.

 “The AKC/AKC CHF/TF Theriogenology Residency Program continues to be successful as measured through increased program caseloads, veterinary and breeder outreach, and services offered for canine reproductive health,” states Dr. Diane Brown, CHF CEO. “In addition, it is imperative that we support education for the next generation of practitioners to support the burgeoning field of canine clinical genetics and genetic testing, and provide a resource for genetic counseling for dog owners and breeders. The University of Pennsylvania and Auburn University both offer excellent opportunities for clinical practice and health research in canine theriogenology and clinical genetics.”

Theriogenology is the branch of veterinary medicine concerned with reproduction, including the physiology and pathology of male and female reproductive systems, and the clinical practice of veterinary obstetrics, gynecology, and andrology. The AKC, CHF, and TF recognized an unmet need for additional clinicians with knowledge in this field, and launched a competitive grants program to provide funding for veterinary residency programs providing specialty training in all aspects of companion animal reproductive medicine and surgery, clinical genetics, and clinical practice related to male and female reproduction, obstetrics, and neonatology. To learn more about current and prior residents and this program, visit

As the world’s largest registry of purebred dogs, the AKC strives to advance the study, breeding, exhibiting, and maintenance of purebred and purpose-bred dogs. “Clinicians trained in reproductive medicine are critical to the health of our individual dogs and breeding programs,” states Mari-Beth O’Neill, AKC Vice President of Sport Services and head of Veterinary Outreach.

“By training this next generation of veterinary specialists, we will provide increased clinical competency in the veterinarians serving companion animal owners and accelerate improvements in canine health and breeding programs,” states Dr. Charles F. Franz, Executive Director of the Theriogenology Foundation.

CHF offers three types of educational grants to encourage the next generation of veterinary scientists. In addition to the AKC/AKC CHF/TF Theriogenology Residency Program, they award Clinician-Scientist Fellowships to researchers pursuing a career in canine health research and also veterinary internships allowing U.S. veterinary students to complete approved canine health research projects. CHF invests in the future of canine health research so that all dogs can live longer, healthier lives.

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