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RALEIGH, NC (March 12, 2018) - The American Kennel Club Canine Health Foundation (CHF), a nonprofit organization committed to better health for all dogs, is pleased to announce they have met their 2017 fundraising goals for the CHF Tick-Borne Disease and Epilepsy Research Initiatives. Through the generosity of the American Kennel Club (AKC), donations to these research initiatives were matched dollar-for-dollar to $250,000 for each initiative. CHF would like to thank their wonderful donors and the American Kennel Club for making this possible!

CHF also announces that the AKC will continue the AKC Donor Match Challenge for a fourth consecutive year. In 2018, the AKC will generously match all donations made in support of canine hemangiosarcoma research, up to $250,000. Additional 2018 match opportunities can be found at

Hemangiosarcoma is an aggressive and common cancer in dogs, often invading the spleen, heart and other internal organs. While the cause of the disease is unknown, certain breeds such as Golden Retrievers, Portuguese Water Dogs, Boxers, and German Shepherd Dogs, are considered to be at increased risk for this cancer.

According to Dr. Diane Brown, CEO of CHF, "this donor match initiative, generously offered by the AKC, will allow CHF to direct more dollars toward research for this devastating cancer in dogs. Working with dog lovers and our partners at the AKC, we hope to accelerate the progress being made to fight this terrible disease."

As in years past, the AKC will also continue to match any donations from new and lapsed donors (last donation made on or before 12/31/15) in 2018 up to $500,000!

Since its founding in 1995, CHF has become the largest nonprofit funder of health research focused solely on dogs. To date, CHF has awarded over $39 million in research grants resulting in over 670 peer-reviewed scientific publications. The AKC has contributed to CHF's success by donating over $25 million in direct and in-kind support.

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