e-Newsletter Archive

April 2024
Parvo, Heartworms, Purina donation, and more

March 2024
New Board Chairman, articles, and more

February 2024
Sports medicine residency program, news, and our 29th anniversary

January 2024
Clinician-Scientist Fellows, health articles, and more

December 2023
Reflecting on 2023 and Canines & Cocktails

November 2023
2022 Annual Report, Epilepsy Awareness Month, and more

October 2023
Breast cancer research, matching cancer funds, Canines & Cocktails, and more

September 2023
Breed differences in pain sensitivity, events, and more

August 2023
2023 National Parent Club Canine Health Conference, articles, and event

July 2023
Celebrating 1,000 publications, Discoveries, and the 2023 National Parent Club Canine Health Conference

June 2023
Degenerative myelopathy treatment study, 2023 conference, therigenology resident, and more

May 2023
Pet Cancer Awareness Month, new leadership, and more

April 2023
Bone cancer, Purina Parent Club Partnership Program, and more

March 2023
Charity ratings, articles, and more

February 2023
Celebrating 28 years!

January 2023
2022-2023 Grants Report, Discoveries, and more

December 2022
2022 awards, fellowships, webinars, and more

November 2022
Matching funds for cancer research, health articles, Canines & Cocktails, and more

October 2022
The canine athlete, Canines & Cocktails, and more

September 2022
Articles, interns, and events

August 2022
Theriogenology residency schools, webinars, and National Dog Day

July 2022
One Health, new vector-borne disease test, and more

June 2022
New Chief Development Officer, 2022 theriogenology residents, educational resources, and more

May 2022
Pet Cancer Awareness Month, study participation, and more

April 2022
Annual Report, awards, and more

March 2022
Donations and events

February 2022
Donations and celebrations

January 2022
One Health Awareness Month, articles, and 2022 Research Grants Portfolio

December 2021
Awards and achievements

November 2021
Epilepsy Awareness Month, Clinician-Scientist Fellows, and more

October 2021
New executives, Canines & Cocktails, endocrinology match met

September 2021
Articles, webinars, save the date for Canines & Cocktails

August 2021
Asa Mays, DVM Excellence in Canine Health Research Award, new resource for breeders, and more

July 2021
CHF in the news, success stories, and matched donations for endocrinology research

June 2021
Virtual conference, theriogenology residents, and educational resources

May 2021
Pet Cancer Awareness Month and educational resources

April 2021
2020 Annual Report, Prevent Lyme Disease in Dogs Month, and educational resources

March 2021
PPCP Program donation, Updates to our Board of Directors and Scientific Review Committee, and educational resources

February 2021
CHF's 26th anniversary, National Pet Dental Health Month, and our 2021 webinar schedule

January 2021
Discoveries newsletter, heatlh articles, and watch our virtual event

December 2020
4-star Charity Navigator rating, awards, and more

November 2020
Clinician-Scientist Fellows, educational resources, and more

October 2020
National Parent Club Canine Health Conference, osteosarcoma research, and tribute donations

September 2020
Genetic testing, CHF's Heritage Society, and more

August 2020
Theriogenology residency funding, webinars, and articles

July 2020
Articles, webinars, and newsletters to keep you informed

June 2020
Theriogenology residency recipients plus articles and resources to keep you informed

May 2020
Pet Cancer Awareness Month, articles and webinars, plus a COVID-19 update

April 2020
Clinical veterinary updates, canine health webinars, personnel updates, and more

March 2020
COVID-19 updates, new health articles, and more

February 2020
Purina donation, new grants, and coronavirus Q&A

January 2020
Our 25th anniversary plus high impact grants and publications

December 2019
Research Grants Portfolio and 2019 awards

November 2019
2019 grant funding totals, educational grants & resources

October 2019
Charity rating, Discoveries - Fall 2019 and webinar updates

September 2019
Canine epilepsy, tick-borne disease, and microbiome research resources; plus a mutli-million dollar bequest and continued collaboration with the Golden Retriever Foundation.

August 2019
2019 AKC Canine Health Foundation National Parent Club Canine Health Conference, Asa Mays, DVM Excellence in Canine Health Research Award, AKC Detection Dog Conference, and remembering David H. Hopkins.

Issue 36: March 2017
Epilepsy and Tick-Borne Disease Initiatives, the legacy of Margaret W. Pratt, gut bacteria and brain disease in dogs, and canine hemangiosarcoma webinar.

Issue 35: January 2017
New research grants portfolio, exercise to keep a dog's body and mind healthy webinar, and year II of our Tick-Borne Disease Initiative.

Issue 34: October 2016
Thyroid disease research, 2015 annual report, and cancer immunotherapy webinar.

Issue 33: August 2016
Tick-Borne Disease Initiative update, epilepsy grant funding, atopic dermatitis, and lymphoma webinar.  

Issue 32: March 2016
Tick-Borne Disease Initiative, Purple Day, fleas and ticks webinar, and canine osteosarcoma.

Issue 31: January 2016
Canine influenza, dental health, itchy dogs webinar, and degenerative myelopathy.

Issue 30: December 2015
#GivingTuesday, keeping your dog safe during the holidays and winter months, and 9/11 search and rescue dogs.

Issue 29: September 2015
Separation anxiety and noise phobia, regenerative medicine clinical trial, and National Disaster Preparedness Month.

Issue 28: July 2015
CHF and VetVine Webinar series, hyperthermia, personalized medicine to treat pulmonary hypertension, and pet fire safety tips.

Issue 27: May 2015
Pet Cancer Awareness Month, cancer in the dog, novel treatments for brain cancer, and advances in lymphoma treatment.

Issue 26: March 2015
Leptospirosis, tick-borne disease, and gene therapy to treat dilated cardiomyopathy.

Issue 25: January 2015
Participating in canine health research, MicroRNAs in kidney and heart disease, and keeping dogs' paws healthy.

Issue 24: November 2014
Periodontal disease, regenerative medicine, and holiday safety tips.

Issue 23: September 2014
Celebrating senior dogs. Regenerative medicine, canine hypertension, and keeping pet food safe. 

Issue 22: July 2014
Topics include steps to prevent dehydration and overheating, regenerative medicine grant, and a novel diagnostic test for histoplasmosis.

Issue 21: May 2014
Topics include Pet Cancer Awareness Month

Issue 20: March 2014
Topics include epilepsy awareness, how dogs acquire knowledge, canine hypertension and more.

Issue 19: January 2014
Topics include customized medicine, 4-star Charity Navigator rating, early scent introduction and more.

Issue 18: November 2013
Topics include bloat grants funded, persistence in research, and eye health.

Issue 17: September 2013
Topics include supporting research outside of your breed, stopping drug resistant bacteria, and emergency preparedness.

Issue 16: July 2013
Topics include pet travel safety, Bloat Initiative update, motion sickness in dogs and more.

Issue 15: May 2013
Topics include Pet Cancer Awareness Month and more.

Issue 14: March 2013
Topics include various health concerns of the canine athlete.

Issue 13: January 2013
Topics include Bloat, IMHA, Ear Health and more.

Issue 12: November 2012
Topics include the Clinician-Scientist Fellowship Program, Holiday Safety, Gum Disease and more.

Issue 11: September 2012
Topics include Pythiosis, New Eye Registry and Database, Planned Giving and more.

Issue 10: July 2012
Topics include Laser Therapy for Dogs, Cruciate Ligament Rupture Research and the Canine Athlete Initiative

Issue 9: May 2012
Topics include Metronomic Chemotherapy, Locating Clinical Trials and Mast Cell Tumors.

Issue 7: January 2012
Topics include Pancreatitis, Improving Cataract Surgery Outcomes, and Dehydration and Overheating in dogs.

Issue 5: September 2011
Topics include Lens Luxation in Terriers, Osteosarcoma Research, Canine Arthritis and upcoming events. 

Issue 4: July 2011
Topics include Hereditary Cataract, Lymphoma Research and Determining When to Spay or Neuter.

Issue 3: May 2011
Topics include Immunonutrition, Grass Awn Migration Disease, Osteosarcoma Research and recent genetic discoveries.

Issue 2: March 2011
Topics include Transitional Cell Carcinoma, Vaccination Protocols and Cranial Cruciate Ligament (CrCL) Deficiency.

Issue 1: January 2011
Topics include Noise Phobia, Subaortic Stenosis and Canine Allergies.

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