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Update on Grant 01633: Novel Therapy for Melanoma, Lymphoma, Meningioma and Nephroblastoma
Dr. Heather Wilson-Robles, DVM, Texas A&M AgriLife Research

Even with aggressive therapy, the median survival time for canine melanoma is less than one year. Dr. Heather Wilson’s laboratory originally discovered that a molecular diagnostic marker for canine melanoma, S100B, significantly contributes to unregulated melanoma cell growth. Based on these early observations, S100B became a logical drug target, and her research group hypothesized that inhibition of the function of SB100 may halt melanoma metastasis. Using a very pragmatic approach, her group identified two drugs known to inhibit S100B function that were already approved for use in dogs: chlorpromazine, an anti-emetic and sedative, and pentamidine, an anti-protozoal drug. Within her research group, scientists and clinicians worked together to test the hypothesis that pentamidine/chlorpromazine therapy is safe for canine melanoma patients.

Outcome: After enrolling 13 dogs in a clinical trial, researchers found that the combination of pentamidine and chlorpromazine was safe and efficacious in tumor bearing dogs. 41.6% of dogs receiving the drug combination experienced partial remission, extending their quality of life and time at home. Dr. Wilson-Robles believes the outcome of this study may have application to other veterinary cancers with elevated S100B such as lymphomas, meningiomas and nephroblastomas.

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