2105: Characterization of Host and Environmental Risk Factors for Urinary Bladder Cancer in a High Risk Breed (the Scottish Terrier)

Grant Status: Closed

Grant Amount: $59,685.25
Dr. Deborah Knapp, DVM; Purdue University
August 24, 2001 - September 30, 2003
Sponsor(s): Scottish Terrier Club of America
Breed(s): Scottish Terrier
Research Program Area: Prevention


Scottish Terriers are at 18-fold greater risk of developing urinary bladder cancer (invasive transitional cell carcinoma [TCC]) compared with other breeds. TCC is an aggressive tumor, and survival rates are poor. Most TCC of the bladder cannot be removed surgically and is resistant to chemotherapy. The best approach to reduce morbidity and mortality from bladder cancer in Scottish Terriers is to prevent its occurrence. The primary objective this epidemiological study is to identify host (genetic), agent, and environmental factors that increase or decrease the risk of TCC. A case control study is proposed in which Scottish Terriers of comparable ages with or without TCC will be compared. Using medical records and questionnaire responses from owners, the primary risk factors studied will include: (1) exposure to insecticides, particularly the new generation flea control products and lawn chemicals, (2) exposure to side stream cigarette smoke, (3) prior use of cyclooxygenase (cox) inhibiting drugs, a class of drugs that have been shown to protect humans from TCC, (4) regular consumption 0of specific foods such as fruits and green leafy vegetables of vitamins A and E, and (5) familial history of TCC. The finding will allow us to develop recommendations to prevent TCC in Scottish Terriers and better understand the nature of environmental-genetic interactions leading to cancer in dogs.

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