1839: Development of a DNA-Based Diagnostic Test for Carriers of Scotty Cramp

Grant Status: Closed

Grant Amount: $30,000
Patrick Venta, PhD; Michigan State University
January 11, 2000 - January 10, 2001

Sponsor(s): Scottish Terrier Club of America

Breed(s): Scottish Terrier
Research Program Area: Neurology
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In this project, researchers studied 19 candidate genes involved in serotonin metabolism to see if any were responsible for Scottie Cramp, a central nervous system disorder in which affected Scottish Terriers painlessly lose muscle control during periods of excitement. They found variation in nearly all of them; they can now test the variations against the DNA of affected dogs to try to exclude genes and identify the single gene causing the problem. If none of the candidate genes turns out to be the causative gene, they will do a whole genome linkage scan in a future project. As part of the project, researchers gathered pedigrees that will provide the groundwork for the scan.


None at this time.

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