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AKC Canine Health Foundation Selects DonateWiseNow to Generate Donations at the Point-of-Sale

The AKC Canine Health Foundation (CHF), the world’s largest non-profit funder of exclusively canine health research, has partnered with Benchmark Payment Networks to offer DonateWiseNow as its point-of-sale fundraising application. The program enables retailers, merchants, and customers to easily and discreetly contribute to the effort to prevent, treat, and cure canine disease. 

Through the AKC Canine Health Foundation/Benchmark partnership, businesses that accept credit/debit cards for payment and wish to support the Foundation’s mission can offer customers the opportunity to make a micro-donation that helps advance the health of all dogs. Those who choose to participate are prompted on the card processing terminal to contribute a small dollar amount or round the transaction up to the nearest dollar. The decision to make a contribution is completely voluntary and private, and processed electronically during check out.    

“Point-of-sale fundraising provides CHF with the opportunity to connect with businesses and customers in a whole new way,” said AKC Canine Health Foundation CEO Terry T. Warren.  “The partnership with Benchmark enables CHF to share its mission and our commitment to help dogs live longer, healthier lives with a much larger audience.”

DonateWiseNow is a registered third-party fundraiser in all 50 states and money contributed at retail locations will automatically be transferred to the Foundation at the end of each business day. Donations to CHF will be utilized to fund sound, scientific research and support the dissemination of health information that benefits dogs and their owners. 

Internal point-of-sale fundraising programs have successfully provided many millions of dollars to animal related causes. The partnership between CHF and Benchmark provides a hassle-free form of fundraising that will make a real difference for the health of dogs. 

Benchmark provides the added value of the DonateWiseNow program to clients for the impact it can have for communities. “We’ve found it to be an easy way for those inclined to support good causes to contribute, whether that’s a consumer attaching a small amount to a transaction or a civic-minded merchant that provides the forum for a cause they believe in,” said Ron Reiter, president of Benchmark Payment Networks. 

Benchmark’s efforts are powered by DonateWiseNow through Cynergy Data, the only payments processor with a fully-integrated network, settlement backend, and customer support to seamlessly process micro-donation technology at the point-of-sale.  

For more information on how to participate, please contact:

Erica Kitchen - AKC Canine Health Foundation
888-682-9696 or

Ron Reiter - Benchmark Payment Networks
631-659-3578  or

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