CHF Partners on Safe Summer Pet Travel Campaign


In an effort to bring pet travel safety to the forefront of pet owners’ minds this summer, will be partnering with the AKC Canine Health Foundation, or CHF, to launch the Safe Summer Pet Travel Campaign.

According to, 65 percent of pet owners surveyed plan to take their pets along when they hit the road this summer. The Safe Summer Pet Travel Campaign is designed to educate pet owners on how best to incorporate safety into their travel plans. 

Yellow Lab Safely Restrained in Car“It’s such an important subject,” notes President and Founder, Kim Salerno. “People love their pets, and want to do everything they can to protect them. But they may not be aware of all the steps they could take to ensure their safety as they travel.”

The partnership is a natural fit., a website dedicated to helping pet owners find pet friendly lodging, restaurants and beaches throughout the United States and Canada, is a long-time leading pet travel safety advocate. CHF is an organization committed to funding scientific research that promotes canine health and wellness, and to providing health and safety education programs for dog owners.

Salerno is excited to be working with CHF. “I have so much respect for everything this organization does to promote the health of dogs, and I am so pleased and honored to be a part of this campaign,” she notes.

CHF Director of Development & Communications Erica Kitchen is thrilled as well. “Providing educational resources for dog owners is integral to our mission to help dogs live longer, healthier lives,” she notes. “ does so much to promote the safety, comfort and well-being of pets. We couldn’t be happier to work with them. It’s a perfect partnership.”

The main focus of the campaign will rest on car safety, highlighting topics such as properly securing pets in vehicles; avoiding distracted driving; dealing with pet car sickness; and the dangers of leaving pets in hot cars.

The campaign will run throughout July and August, during which time pet safety tips, articles and other resources will be available on The site will also offer deals on travel safety items for purchase, such as pet carriers; pet booster seats, pet seatbelts, and front seat pet barriers.

In addition, as part of the campaign, CHF will extend their regular podcast program to encompass the Safe Summer Pet Travel campaign. The program is currently released bi-weekly at no charge to listeners, and covers topics related to canine health. On July 25th the foundation will release a travel safety podcast featuring Kim Salerno. Those interested in this podcast – or in the complete CHF podcast series – can find it on the CHF website, located at, or at the iTunes store.

For more information on the Safe Summer Pet Travel campaign, please visit or

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