The AKC Canine Health Foundation (CHF) is pleased to offer you educational podcasts and videos about canine health. 

The HealthE-Barks Podcast Series

The HealthE-Barks podcast series features a wide variety of canine health topics.  The podcasts feature lectures from our highly successful Breeders' Symposia, in-depth discussions by CHF funded researchers and interviews with other canine health experts.  The podcasts are released every two weeks and are also available at Apple's iTunes® store.  View the complete list of podcasts and search by topic or speaker.

The HealthE-Barks Webinar Series & Videos

Watch short videos about the AKC Canine Health Foundation and our success.  Videos include lectures from past Breeders' Symposia and National Parent Club Canine Health Conferences.  View the complete list of videos and search by topic or speaker.

All Recently Released Multimedia

CHF Funded Lymphoma Research at Texas A&M University


News story from ABC Nightly News about CHF-funded research on lymphoma taking place at Texas A&M University and MD Anderson Hospital.

Canine Allergies


In this podcast we hear from Dr. Bruce Hammerberg of North Carolina State University College of Veterinary Medicine. Dr. Hammerberg discusses allergy season, how it impacts dogs, common allergens, and treatments. Dr. Hammerberg also discusses his CHF-funded research that looks to develop a novel therapeutic drug for canine allergies.

This podcast was made possible thanks to the generous support of the Kenneth A. Scott Charitable Trust, a KeyBank Trust.

Heartworm Disease


In this podcast we hear from Dr. Betsy Sigmon, founder of Creature Comfort Veterinary Hospital, who discusses the signs and symptoms of heartworm disease. Additionally, Dr. Sigmon discusses the current treatment recommendations for this preventable disease. To learn more about heartworm disease and to access the information shared in this podcast, visit these resources:

Heartworm Society -- animation of development of heartworms
Parasite Prevalence Maps -- search for heartworm incidence by state and county
Heartworm Q & A -- questions and answers from NCSU college of vet medicine cardiology service

This podcast was made possible thanks to the generous support of the Kenneth A. Scott Charitable Trust, a KeyBank Trust.

Emergency and Critical Care


In this podcast we bring you an interview with Dr. Gary Stamp, Executive Director of the Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care Society. Dr. Stamp has served as commander of the United States Army Veterinary command until 1999 when he retired from active duty. Dr. Stamp discusses how much first aid training dog owners should have, when emergency veterinary care is necessary, and how to select an emergency service.

Exercise Induced Collapse


In this podcast, we welcome Dr. Jim Mickelson, a member of the faculty at the University of Minnesota College of Veterinary Medicine.

The primary goal of Dr. Mickelson’s research program is to indentify the molecular basis of inherited neurologic and neuromuscular disorders in domestic animals. Dr. Mickelson has received funding from the AKC Canine Health Foundation for his research in epilepsy, exercised induced collapse and polyneuropathy.

In this podcast Dr. Mickelson discusses his research that resulted in a genetic test for Excercise Induced Collapse in the Labrador Retriever.

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