01949-A: Targeting the Cell's Activation Machinery to Halt Tumor Metastasis in Canine Osteosarcoma

Grant Status: Closed

Grant Amount: $12,960
Shay Bracha, DVM, MS; Oregon State University
April 1, 2014 - September 30, 2014

Sponsor(s): English Setter Association of America, Inc. Rottweiler Health Foundation

Breed(s): -All Dogs
Research Program Area: Oncology - Osteosarcoma
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Project Summary

A cure for osteosarcoma depends upon an understanding of the mechanisms that drive its spread and growth. The goals of this study were to describe activation mechanisms that may be important to this disease. While much additional work remains, our new data begins to describe some fundamental mechanisms in osteosarcoma cells. One key player, a protein transcription factor called NFkB, has been determined to be abnormally activated in one of the osteosarcoma cell lines that grow in our laboratory. The addition of a regulatory protein called osteoprotegrin that normally suppresses growth, had the surprising effect of activating NFkB and stimulated the cells to grow. While still considered preliminary, this new information could provide a new direction for research and progress towards early detection and treatment of canine osteosarcoma.


Marley, K., Bracha, S., & Seguin, B. (2015). Osteoprotegerin activates osteosarcoma cells that co-express RANK and RANKL. Experimental Cell Research, 338(1), 32–38. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.yexcr.2015.08.001

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