00392-A: Idiosyncratic Iron Deficiency in Golden Retriever Patients

Grant Status: Closed

Grant Amount: $12,958
Christine S. Olver, DVM, PhD; Colorado State University
July 1, 2005 - June 30, 2006

Sponsor(s): Collie Health Foundation, Dalmatian Club of America Foundation, Inc., National Beagle Club, St. Bernard Club of America, Welsh Springer Spaniel Club of America

Breed(s): Golden Retriever
Research Program Area: General Canine Health
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We hypothesize that iron deficiency occurs idiosyncratically in chronically ill dogs, particularly Golden Retrievers, and proceeds undiagnosed and untreated because current measures of iron status are inadequate. Furthermore, we hypothesize that this condition can be detected easily using a simple ELISA and currently available automated tests. Iron deficiency (ID) in adult dogs was heretofore considered rare. We have evidence, using the directly-measured reticulocyte hemoglobin content (CHr), that 7 percent of all patient dogs have ID. Golden Retrievers are over-represented 3-fold in this putative IS group. Unfortunately, ID complicated by inflammatory or neoplastic disease is almost impossible to diagnose by current methods. Therefore, we propose to develop a simple serum transferrin receptor assay and to validate the inexpensive CHr measurement, to pinpoint iron deficient states in cancer patients and other chronically ill dogs. These tests show a markedly enhanced sensitivity and specificity for detecting iron deficiency in chronically ill humans. These tests will be available for the entire canine pet population. This will benefit Golden Retrievers with chronic disease, and dogs receiving drugs which may cause GI blood loss, (glucocorticoids and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs), patients with gastrointestinal malignacies, blood donors.


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