2245: Screening Candidate Genes as Potential Cause of Basset Hound Thrombopathia

Grant Status: Closed

Grant Amount: $42,875
Mary K. Boudreaux, DVM, PhD; Auburn University
November 5, 2001 - December 31, 2003

Sponsor(s): Basset Hound Club of America, Inc.

Breed(s): Basset Hound
Research Program Area: Blood Disorders
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Bassett Hound Thrombopathia is an inherited platelet defect that has plagued the breed since its first description by Johnstone and Lotz in 1979. At the present time, diagnosis of the defect requires the animal(s) be brought to one of the few existing specialized veterinary platelet function laboratories in the country. Although platelet studies do identify affected dogs with clarity, unambiguous identification of carriers is difficult. Identification of the genetic cause would greatly facilitate elimination of this defect from the breed by allowing clear identification of carrier and affected animals without the necessity of having the dog be on the premises of the facility. Many candidate genes need to be sequenced and evaluated to begin to make progress toward identification of the cause. This study not only would potentially identify the genetic cause of Basset Hound Thrombopathia but would also add valuable information to the data base on the canine genome. As information on the canine genome continues to expand, veterinarians will be better positioned to identify genetic causes of disease, which will ultimately benefit all breeds.


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