0001608A: Integrated Map of Canine Gene and Microsatellite Loci

Grant Status: Closed

Grant Amount: $100,000
Donald Patterson, DVM; University of Pennsylvania
August 3, 1998 - August 2, 2000


Breed(s): -All Dogs
Research Program Area: General Canine Health
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Project Summary

In this collaborative project, experienced laboratories worked together to produce an integrated physical and genetic map of the canine genome. The linkage map, which plots genetic markers (repeated sequences of DNA code), was combined with an expanded radiation hybrid (RH), or physical, map to create an integrated map with 774 markers that included 220 genes. This resulted in a well-ordered map of the canine genome that linked it to the much more well-developed human map of genes and markers. This important project produced an easily usable map, available to all, and serves as an important resource to researchers who are interested in mapping disease genes in the dog.


Jonasdottir, T. J., Mellersh, C. S., Moe, L., Heggebo, R., Gamlem, H., Ostrander, E. A., & Lingaas, F. (2000). Genetic mapping of a naturally occurring hereditary renal cancer syndrome in dogs. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 97(8), 4132–4137. https://doi.org/10.1073/pnas.070053397
Jónasdóttir, T. J., Mellersh, C. S., Moe, L., Vignaux, F., Ostrander, E. A., & Lingaas, F. (2000). Chromosomal assignment of canine TSC 2, PKD 1 and CLN 3 genes by radiation hybrid- and linkage analyses. Animal Genetics, 31(2), 123–126. https://doi.org/10.1046/j.1365-2052.2000.00601.x

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