Genetics of Idiopathic Epilepsy in Labrador Retrievers

Breed(s): -All Dogs, Labrador Retriever
Sample Type: Blood Sample, DNA Sample
Study Location: Folkhälsan Research Center and University of Helsinki
CHF-funded Grant: 02566

Labradors Retrievers are predisposed to epilepsy with likely genetic contribution. We aim to map the epilepsy loci and identify susceptibility genes.   Towards this goal, we aim to expand our existing cohort of epileptic and non-epileptic Labradors as much as possible resorting to help of international collaborators, breeders and owners.

Paticipation Requirements:

Labrador Retriever with epilepsy, onset at ~2-4 years of age.  We do also accept any epileptic or dyskinetic dog but our mapping focuses on the young group. Control dogs should be > 8 years of age without history of seizures. EDTA blood (1 ml) or DNA samples (50 ng/30-50 ul) accepted.

Owner's Responsibilities:

Owners of the epileptic dog should fill out our new epilepsy and dyskinesia survey:
Owners need to register, add their dog in the platfrom and then fill out the survey. It is all free. Further help for registering, sampling, etc. can be requested from PhD student Tiina Heinonen;

1-3 ml of EDTA-blood drawn from the dog. A sample form with consent can be found here:

Dr. James Mickelson is a US collaborator at the University of Minnesota.  To provide samples in the US, please contact (612-624-5322) and mention you’d like to be included in the “genetics of idiopathic epilepsy in Labrador Retrievers study” study by Dr. Mickelson and principal investigator Dr. Hannes Lohi.


Contact Information:

Name: Tiina Heinonen or Hannes Lohi

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