Embracing Polygenicity of Common Complex Disease in Dogs: Genome-wide Association of Cruciate Ligament Rupture

Breed(s): Labrador Retriever
Sample Type: DNA Sample
Study Location: University of Wisconsin-Madison
CHF-funded Grant: 02624

Cruciate ligament rupture (CR) is a major cause of lameness and an economically important disease in dogs. Our data from a discovery genome-wide association study (GWAS) suggests that CR in the Labrador Retriever is both moderately heritable and highly polygenic, meaning that small variations in many genes across the genome are contributing to risk of CR development. General understanding of inheritance of common complex diseases in dogs and CR, in particular, is limited. Our work will advance discovery of genetic variants, especially large-effect variants, that contribute to CR risk, which will not only advance genomic prediction and medical treatment of CR, but will also inform future approaches to GWAS of other complex diseases in dogs. 

Participation Requirements:

Cases must be purebred Labrador Retrievers of any age that have ruptured one or both cranial cruciate ligaments. Unaffected control dogs must be purebred Labrador Retrievers, over the age of 8 years, with no history of cruciate ligament rupture or other knee injuries.

Owner's Responsibilities (Samples and Information to be collected):

All dogs will be recruited with signed consent from their owners. A copy of pedigree will be collected from each dog recruited to the study. All dogs will have a blood sample drawn (preferred) or saliva collected for DNA extraction and genome-wide genotyping. For cases we request images of the radiographs  (x-rays) used for diagnosis. For unaffected controls, bilateral stifle (knee) radiographs will be taken to confirm the absence of joint disease. Dog age, weight, withers height, coat color, and gender will also be recorded, and the owner will complete a questionnaire that will be used to assess habitual activity.

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Contact Information:

Name: Dr. Lauren Baker

Email: Genetics@Vetmed.wisc.edu

Phone: 608-265-5828

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