Defining the Flow Cytometric Characteristics of Normal and Diseased Canine Spleen and Visceral Lymph Nodes

Breed(s): -All Dogs
Sample Type: Blood Sample, Tissue Sample
Study Location: University of Minnesota
CHF-funded Grant: 02595-A

The canine spleen and internal lymph nodes are frequently affected by blood-borne cancer; however, the current diagnostic approach suffers from limitations. Flow cytometry (FC) can offer an alternative approach by providing key diagnostic and prognostic information. Not only is FC a rapid and objective tool, but it is also minimally invasive to the patient. However, it is limited by the existence of tissue-specific reference intervals (i.e., what is considered “normal”) and published data on the canine spleen and internal lymph nodes is lacking. In light of these knowledge gaps, this project seeks to examine the benefits of FC in the evaluation of dogs with suspect blood-borne cancer that commonly affects the spleen and internal lymph nodes. By performing FC on tissues from patients presenting to University of Minnesota Veterinary Medical Center, we plan to identify tissue-specific reference intervals (normal values) allowing for accurate diagnosis of blood-borne disease.

Participation Requirements:

-Dogs at least 2 years of age
-CBC performed within 48 hours of sampling
-Clinical and/or laboratory evidence of non-mast cell hematologic neoplasia
-Already undergoing advanced imaging (CT or AUS) and fine-needle aspiration of the spleen and/or visceral lymph nodes
-With or without structural abnormalities of the spleen and/or visceral lymph nodes on imaging
-May or may not have a previous diagnosis of lymphoma or histiocytic sarcoma

Owner's Responsibilities (Samples and Information to be collected):

-Examination fees
-Advanced imaging (AUS or CT)
-Sedation as needed to facilitate imaging study and sample collection
-Bloodwork, including CBC
-Sample collection
-Cytology if results are required in real time
-Any other medical or surgical procedures
-Treatment and follow-up care

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Contact Information:

Name: Courtney Johnson, DVM


Phone: (612) 624-4747

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