Characterization of Kidney Disease in Dalmatians

Breed(s): Dalmatian
Sample Type: Blood Sample, DNA Sample, Tissue Sample
Study Location: Ohio State University
CHF-funded Grant: 02263-MOU

In order to accurately diagnose the type of kidney diseases present in Dalmatians, we are examining multiple types of samples. Urine is examined to verify the presence and degree of protein loss in the urine. Serum samples are used to assess kidney function. Importantly, we will need to examine kidney tissue (either via biopsy samples or postmortem samples) to correctly determine the disease phenotype in affected Dalmatians. Ideally these samples would be collected to send directly to the International Veterinary Renal Pathology Service for complete testing. For biopsy samples, such testing would help with both disease diagnosis and management. However, we would also like to examine samples from Dalmatians that were collected either by autopsy or biopsy prior to the onset of the study. Reports, tissue blocks or slides can be requested by the owners through their veterinarians to the institution that performed the initial evaluation. The DNA from whole blood is collected in the event that we will be able to diagnose a specific type of renal disease that is common among the affected Dalmatians. If so, we will sequence the DNA of Dalmatians with this disease and compare to unaffected dogs.

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Contact Information:

Name: Rachel Cianciolo
Phone: 614-292-9717

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