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Since 1995, CHF and its donors have funded over $15.6 million in canine cancer research. These 243 research grants have helped scientists study cancer at the cellular level, providing breakthroughs that allow veterinarians to diagnose cancer earlier and treat it more effectively. CHF-funded research also has a One Health impact, extending beyond dogs with an application to human cancer diagnosis and treatment.

Canine cancer research is a major concern of dog owners and veterinary professionals. Typically, about one quarter of CHF’s grant funding concerns various types of canine cancers.

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Canine Cancer Articles 

From Bark to Bedside - Dogs Point to Cancer Culprits November 19, 2009

A chance encounter between a dog breeder and Dr. Nick Duesbery eventually led to formation of the Canine Hereditary Cancer Consortium (CHCC), a unique nationwide coalition of veterinarians, scientists, and physicians united by a common goal: using naturally occurring tumors in dogs to help develop new clinical treatments for rare cancers in humans.

Clinical Trials Offer Novel Cancer Therapies October 23, 2009

David Vail, D.V.M., DACVIM-Oncology, professor of oncology and director of the Center for Clinical Trials and Research at the University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Veterinary Medicine, advocates to owners whose dogs are diagnosed with aggressive forms of cancer to consider participating in clinical trials whenever possible.

Research Approved to Improve Current Canine Cancer Therapies September 15, 2009

This news article is about CHF funding for two ACORN grants that are expected to improve therapies to treat canine lymphomas, the most commonly seen cancer in dogs.

FDA Approves First Anti-Cancer Drug for Dogs June 24, 2009

This news article is about the approval for the first anti-cancer drug, Palladia, which is used to treat skin-based mast cell tumors.

AKC Canine Health Foundation Presents Young Investigator Awards at 5th International Genes Dogs & Cancer Conference March 23, 2009

This article is about the Genes, Dogs & Cancer: 5th International Canine Cancer Conference which brought together scientists, veterinarians and breed club representatives in collaborations that will advance research to reduce suffering and death caused by cancer in dogs, humans, and other animals.

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A Novel Non-Surgical Option to Preserve Limbs in Canine Osteosarcoma
Original air date: May 25, 2021
Speaker: Joanne Tuohy, DVM, PhD, DACVS

Recent Advances in Cancer Immunotherapy
Original air date: May 2020
Speaker: Steven Dow, DVM, PhD, Diplomate ACVIM (Oncology)

Update on Canine Hemangiosarcoma
Original air date: May 2017
Speaker: Douglas H. Thamm, VMD, DACVIM (Oncology)

Cancer Immunotherapy: Basic Concepts and Strategies for Improving Treatment Outcomes
Original air date: October 2016
Speaker: Douglas H. Thamm, VMD, DACVIM (Oncology)

Lymphoma: The State of This Disease in Dogs and How Epigenetics May Open Future Doors
Original air date: June 2016
Speaker: Jeffrey M. Bryan, DVM, MS, PhD, DACVIM (Oncology)


The Dog Cancer Answers podcast spoke with AKC Chief Veterinary Officer Dr. Jerry Klein about How to Choose a Dog Breeder. Listen for ways to increase the odds of having a healthy puppy, including the importance of AKC Canine Health Foundation funded research.

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