Semen Samples Needed for Subfertility in Male Breeding Dogs Study

Breed(s): Labrador Retriever
Study Location: University of California, Davis

It is not known whether Labrador studs with known fertility problems also have abnormal semen quality and predictable fertility and freezability of semen. We will obtain semen samples from a minimum of 50 Labrador Retriever stud dogs with reported fertility problems and determine the semen quality measures that predict future success based on a multiple logistic regression model of the Guide Dogs Labrador population. We will use Bayesian statistics to evaluate the relationship of sperm factors and male age to pregnancy outcomes. This project has the unique capability to apply our previously funded research on canine semen to a population of subfertile stud dogs with known pregnancy and fertility outcomes.

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This work is part of CHF Grant 2124-A.


Contact Information:

Name: Dr. Stuart Meyers
Phone: 530-752-9511

Name: Dr. Bruce Christensen
Phone: 530-752-0440

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