Samples Needed from Poodles with confirmed Sebaceous Adenitis

Breed(s): Poodle
Study Type: DNA Sample
Study Location: University of California, Davis and Animal Health Trust

Autoimmune disorders, affecting a wide range of organs and tissues, are becoming increasingly common in pure breeds of dogs. This increase appears to coincide with inbreeding and decreased genetic diversity. Sebaceous adenitis (SA) is an autoimmune disease that is seen mainly in the Standard Poodle, Akita, and English Springer spaniel. The incidence of the disease in Standard Poodles appears to be low at this time but is increasing in frequency with time. The disease is a generalized skin disorder associated with an attack by the dog's own immune system against the sebaceous glands. The first skin lesions occur mainly on the midline of the back and on the ears. The disease varies greatly in severity among affected Poodles. It can wax and wane in severity, with bouts of sebaceous gland destruction and regeneration. It is not always progressive and in mild cases can be treated conservatively, while severe cases may vigorous treatment. In the extreme, it may end in total destruction of the sebaceous glands and widespread baldness.

This study will attempt to identify specific genetic associations between SA and specific regions or genes in either the whole genome or in a small region on chromosome 12 that contains genes regulating the immune response. This will be a collaborative study between investigators at the Animal Health Trust, Newmarket, UK (Dr. Mike Boursnell), and at UC Davis (Dr. Niels C. Pedersen). DNA in the form of EDTA blood, or if not possible, buccal swabs, are being solicited from healthy Standard Poodles, but especially from dogs with biopsy confirmed SA. Samples may be submitted to either institution. Details of the project and sample submission forms available at at their website.

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Contact Information:
Dr. Niels C. Pedersen
Phone: 530-752-7402
Dr. Mike Boursnell
Phone: 01638 751 000 ext 1286

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