Samples Need from Several Breeds affected by Lymphoma

Breed(s): Cocker Spaniel, Leonberger, Irish Wolfhound, Boxer, Golden Retriever
Study Type: Blood Sample
Study Location: Broad Institute

After completing the dog genome sequencing project, the Broad Institute and collaborators are now working on identifying disease genes predisposing to cancer. Identification of such genes could lead to carrier testing, a better understanding of the disease and long term better treatments for the disease in both dogs and humans. More information can be found at their website. The researchers need blood samples from affected dogs as well as blood samples from healthy older (> 8 yo) dogs.

Lymphoma (LSA) is a cancer of the lymphocytes that can occur in the lymph nodes, spleen, liver, and other organs. Characteristics are high white blood cell count, swollen lymph glands, lethargy, and loss of appetite. Some dog breeds more frequently get B-cell lymphoma while others get T-cell lymphoma and some breeds get a mixture of the two. It is a treatable cancer, but dogs often relapse after some time eventually leading to death.

In a so called genome-wide association (GWA) study of LSA in golden retriever we have been able to identify several regions of the genome that are associated with HSA risk using >100 cases and >100 controls. Further analysis of these risk regions is now teaching us about the disease mutations and how the mutations cause disease. To confirm the effect of these risk factors we also want to screen a much larger population of healthy and affected golden retrievers.

In addition, we want to study the golden retriever mutations in other breeds to see if they contribute to disease risk for those breeds also. In parallel we want to collect enough dogs (~100 cases and ~100 controls) from other breeds to perform individual GWA studies for more breeds. We would therefore be very grateful for samples from dogs from multiple breeds.

Our overall goal is to find the risk factors and disease mechanism in many breeds with the hope to help develop better treatment options in the future.

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Contact Information:
Name: Michele Perloski
Phone: 617-714-7792

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