Genetic and environmental risk for lymphoma in boxer dogs

Breed(s): Boxer
Study Type: DNA Sample
Study Location: University of Wisconsin-Madison

Boxer dogs have a high risk of lymphoma, a cancer of white blood cells. Lymphoma appears to be caused by a combination of genetic factors and environmental chemicals. Cancer-causing chemicals can be neutralized by specialized enzymes, called GSTs (glutathione-S-transferases). In humans, defective GST genes lead to an increased risk of lymphoma and other cancers. This study will determine whether defective canine GST genes, along with common household exposures, are risk factors in boxers with lymphoma.

At this point we have enough recruits to address our need for geriatric unaffected control boxers. Now we are specifically looking for boxers diagnosed with lymphoma, of any type, at any stage of treatment.

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Name: Kaitlyn Craun
Phone: 608-263-5530

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