Frequency of the ABCB1-1Delta Mutation Associated With Acepromazine Sensitivity in Boxer Dogs

Breed(s): Boxer
Study Type: DNA Sample
Study Location: Washington State University

Acepromazine sensitivity has been documented in dogs with the ABCB1-1Delta mutation (also known as the MDR1 mutation). The ABCB1-1Delta mutation is commonly identified in herding breed dogs. However, because the ABCB1-1Delta mutation was recently identified in a purebred Boxer, we hypothesize that acepromazine sensitivity in Boxer dogs may also be the result of the ABCB1-1Delta mutation. Thus, our goal is to genotype 1,000 Boxer dogs for the ABCB1-1Delta mutation to determine its frequency in purebred Boxer dogs.

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Contact Information:
Name: Katrina Mealey DVM PhD DACVIM DACVCP
Phone: 509 335 2988

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