Fluroscopic and Ultrasonographic Evaluation of Diaphragmatic Motion in Dogs Affected by Gastric Dilatation-Volvulus

Breed(s): Redbone Coonhound, Old English Sheepdog
Study Type: Clinical Study
Study Location: North Carolina State University

Study Description: NC State University College of Veterinary Medicine is looking for healthy control dogs to participate in a study examining diaphragm movement in dogs predisposed to GDV (or twisted stomach).

What does participation involve? A one-time, 1-hour visit to NCSU-CVM. During the visit your dog will be asked to stand on a platform while we record a fluoroscopic (x-ray) video of his/her diaphragm. We will then record a second video after jogging/walking your dog to induce panting. We will then ask your pet to lie on his or her side to obtain images of your dog’s diaphragm using ultrasonography.

These are very safe tests and no sedation will be needed. Participation in this study will pay for the cost of all diagnostic tests.

Inclusion criteria:
1. No history of a GDV and otherwise healthy dog
2. No history of Neurologic or Gastrointestinal disease

Control dogs needed:
Old English Sheepdog; Sex - MC; Age 8-10 yrs
Redbone Coonhound; Sex - FS; Age 10-12 yrs

Client Information & Informed Consent


Contact Information:
Name: Dr. Carrie Muller
Email: clmulle3@ncsu.edu
Phone: 919-515-8380

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