Discovery of Novel Protein, Blood, and Epigenetic Biomarkers of Lymphoma Risk, Classification, and Prognosis in Golden Retrievers

Breed(s): Golden Retriever
Study Type: DNA Sample, Tissue Sample
Study Location: University of Missouri, Colorado State University, Texas A&M

Veterinarians at the University of Missouri, Colorado State University and Texas A&M University are seeking Golden Retrievers with a new diagnosis of lymphoma and Golden Retrievers without lymphoma for an important study of lymphoma. We are looking for dogs that have a confirmed diagnosis of diffuse large B cell lymphoma (via flow cytometry or biopsy) and are not in a remission, ideally before treatment with chemotherapy. For these dogs we would like to collect a blood sample and fine needle aspirate of an enlarged lymph node, which can be done by any veterinarian.

We are also seeking Golden Retrievers that are older than 5 years of age, who have not been previously diagnosed with lymphoma for lymph node biopsies. The lymph nodes can be collected if your pet is being euthanized at the University of Missouri for another reason and would be collected after euthanasia. There will be no cost to you and the study will pay for euthanasia and private cremation.

This study seeks to learn more about this cancer that has a predilection for Golden Retrievers. It also seeks the underlying alterations in the tumor cells to provide clues for cause and for new therapeutic approaches.

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Name: Shirley Chu
Phone: 573-882-7821

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