DNA and Serum Samples Needed - HOD in Irish Setters

Breed(s): Irish Setter
Study Type: DNA Sample
Study Location: University of California - Davis

Hypertrophic osteodystrophy (HOD) is a painful bone disease that can cause lameness in rapidly growing large-breed puppies. In Irish Setters, HOD can be a very severe condition with systemic signs of fever, anorexia, inability to walk, and painful swelling of the growth plates in the leg bones. Sick Irish Setter puppies may have several episodes of HOD requiring hospitalization for intensive care. The severe pain and poor quality of life, accompanied by the high costs of hospitalization, have led some owners to elect euthanasia. Other commonly affected large breed dogs include Weimaraner, Great Dane, Great Pyrenees, Boxer, Standard Poodle, and German Shepherd dogs.

We investigated how genetic variants play a role in triggering HOD episodes in dogs, like Irish Setters, that have a high prevalence for the disease. By comparing the genetic make-up of dogs with HOD and unaffected control dogs, we identified a region along one of the chromosomes where affected dogs are different than unaffected dogs. Additional samples from affected and unaffected Irish Setter dogs will assist in validating the results. In addition, the collection of more serum samples from Irish Setter dogs will allow us to test markers for immune reactions that may impact HOD.


Contact Information:
Name: Noa Safra
Email: nsafra@ucdavis.edu
Phone: 530-754-7289

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