DNA Needed from Several Breeds affected by Mast Cell Tumors

Breed(s): Boxer, Golden Retriever, Labrador Retriever, Weimaraner
Study Type: DNA Sample
Study Location: Animal Health Trust

Researchers in the Oncology Research Group at the Animal Health Trust (in collaboration with researchers at other institutes, as part of the LUPA project, http://www.eurolupa.org/) are collecting DNA samples from as many dogs as possible belonging to the breeds listed. They would like to collect samples (cheek swab, or whole blood sample in EDTA) from dogs that are either currently affected with a mast cell tumor or have previously had a mast cell tumor. Anyone who is interested in taking part in these research studies and would be willing to submit a cheek swab, or have their veterinary surgeon retain for research a sample of blood (from their dog) that is surplus that collected for a clinical reason, is invited to contact them for shipping information.

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Contact Information:
Dr. Mike Starkey
Email: mike.starkey@aht.org.uk
Phone: +44 (0)1638 555606
Website: www.aht.org.uk/science_oncolhelp.html

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