Clinical Trial for Experimental Therapeutic to Prevent Diabetic Cataracts

Breed(s): All Dogs
Study Type: Clinical Study
Study Location: 10 Locations

Kinostat™ is a new, experimental aldose reductase inhibitor that may prevent the development or progression of diabetic cataracts in newly diagnosed diabetic dogs. Eligible dogs are currently being recruited for this FDA clinical trial.

Is Your Dog Eligible for the Clinical Trial?

Any breed or mixed breed of dogs of any age that has recently been diagnosed with diabetes and you are attempting to control the diabetes may be eligible if:

  • Your dog’s lenses appear to be clear (no cortical cataract is present)
  • You are able to give your dog drops in both eyes 3 times a day.
  • You have the ability to get your dog to one of 4 trial sites for eye exams and blood work at periodic intervals (about 6 times over a 9 month period). 

You must have your dog examined by your local veterinarian who will then refer your dog to a regional test center where a veterinary ophthalmologist will perform an examination of your dog’s eyes.  Both eyes will be dilated and examined with a slit lamp to verify that both lenses are clear or that only a few lens vacuoles are present (vacuoles can only be detected in a dilated eye).  In addition, the ophthalmologist will examine your dog for the absence of other eye diseases.  The veterinary ophthalmologist will decide whether your dog is eligible for the study.

Test Centers:

Sponsored by National Institutes of Health SBIR Grant, R44 EY018013-02

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Contact Information:

For more information, visit the study sponsors at:!/pages/Kinostat/263152210431179

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